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  • massi_amato_IT -

    Hi Ameno,
    I've a friend of mine that would like to become a Community Manager. Where can he writes to receive help/informations?

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

  • Jonson -

    Уважаемая Амено, здравствуйте!
    Хочется еще раз уточнить о возможности введения новых рас на предстоящем так называемым осеннем сервере скоростью х1. Травианское сообщество довольно бурно обсуждало возможность поиграть с обновления, на классической версии игры, но когда поступила информация, что это случился не ранее 2018 года, многие опустили руки.
    Нам, так же как и Вам, я думаю, очень хочется чтобы игра был активной, яркой.
    Мы готовы так же поиграть в тестовом режиме, потерпеть возможные баги и ошибки в процессе игры. Но это отличная возможность собрать большое количество игроков на сервер. Я не знаю, на сколько это возможно с технической точки зрения. Но может быть все же есть шансы?
    Многие гайдописцы и просто опытные игроки, уже не прочь опробовать и свои силы в нормальной игровой обстановке, не просто в соло, а уже в команде, а так же написать соответствующие темы. Это поможет внести больше движения как на сервере, так и на форуме, а ведь это основополагающее в этой игре, как мне кажется.
    Я хотел написать Вам личном сообщением, но данная операция была запрещена с Вашей стороны, поэтому пишу на стене.

    Надеюсь на ответ, с уважением, Евгений

    • Ameno -

      Здравствуйте. Я не убеждена, что это технически возможно так быстро. Но я уточню у разработчиков.

  • Ameno -

    Hi Daterly. I am sorry, but I can't discuss matters for firing Crew Members, especially in public. But want to thank you for that message. I hope that the right decision will be made. On the other hand, it's not good that veteran players don't want to manage the community, because your community for sure deserves the best.

  • דאטרלי_IL -

    To Mr Ameno, the senior community manager.

    Hello, my name is Daterly.
    I'm 25-years old, and an at the past 9 years I've been a member in the Israeli Tavian community.

    Most of the time, I spend my time in the Israely forum. As you can check, this forum has an extremely vast history – before the community shifted to the new forum – the Travian: legends forum, we had over half a million messages and more than 1/4 million – without including the old archive.
    If you look at these numbers, you could see that even that our domain is relatively small compared to the other countries. Our forum is unique in its size and history – believe me, this place has been my home for the last 9 years, I remember this history.

    I'm mention this history and size in order to point out a message – the Israeli community is quite different from other countries. we use our forum a lot – and therefore, we need an excellent community manager, support people and multi-hunters.

    For the last 9 years I saw the game losing its popularity and my beloved forum getting emptied, yet – for the last several months I saw a difference – we had a new manager, Yarin, also known as Saturn, that recruited good people and somehow made the domain running again.

    I don’t know what is the reason you fired him and the rest of the crew for. It doesn't really matter. Yarin was the best community manager I saw for the past nine years.
    It will be smart to return him to his previous position as a community manager.

    I would also like to point another argument to support this nomination – Yarin was a veteran player, and many of the community members won't take his place out of respect for him.

    I know its sounds like a small problem – you only need one person. And everyone is replaceable. but please, here in Israel all the players know each other. There are players meeting in real life outside the game. It's a small country with a powerful and coherent community. Finding a replacement won't be easy, especially because you need a person who knows the game and the language – you can't rely on a person from another country.

    Yarin made the domain run again, he made old players, who retired a long time ago – return to the game. He (and of course his crew) restored my beloved forum – he is the right person as a community manager.

    I ask you to re-consider his dismissal.

    Best regards

    Since I don’t really know who is the right person to talk to about this subject – I'm sending this letter to you. Please – If I'm wrong – address the Email of the right person or the Forum-user of this person, or send this letter to the HR of Tavian company.