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  • Wolf throne -

    Nothing about any restart yet ?!
    It has been soooo long

  • Wolf throne -

    I would like to say this tho
    Old travian members need some changes to get back intrest for playing
    But this ROA servers with troops merging option and without WW is not fun for us
    Plz start new normal servers with HUN and EGYPTIONS tribes for us
    I'm sure 99% of players wants this term , even u can check comments behind the pill u made for voting for new october server

    • Templar Knight -

      I will be turning those results in too so Travian can see them. :)

  • Wolf throne -

    Plz plz plz make servers begining times more clear to know for us
    Its like 15 year we have a problem with this subject
    No one knows when which server will restart clearly till a week before begining
    But for sure we need more time than a week to manage a good team for ourself
    I can't understand why u dont make a clear Galender for this term in Forum !

    • Wolf throne -

      Would you plzzzz tell me when next normal .com server will start?
      No matter which server

  • DRviS -

    how to answer the quiz? i can't seen any reply button there?

    • Templar Knight -

      lower right side of the page prntscr.com/gtmwqq
      Or top right at top

    • Caius -

      I'm not able to see that button neither. There is neither reply button nor new thread. Maybe only admin can see them? Is it possible?

  • Schummy -

    My post was deleted. I trayed to post the that on the .ro domain but i think you do not have a forum on romanian domain enymore.

    • Templar Knight -

      I sent you a PM with a guide to help you set your domain. :) Just shout out there if you have further question or need more help. We will get you where you need to be. :)

  • Mithy -

    if I buy gold for the same thing I ask for the link that normally they send me, I will write to the email that you have told me to see if they can answer me

  • Templar Knight -

    @Mitchy....You get a gold link for gold that you have purchased with some form of payment. Gold that you got from ingame or thru exchange of silver from ingame are not transferable. If you did purchase gold and did not get an email then send an email to admin@travian.com and they can take a look to see what took place.