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  • spuddigger -

    how do I get into maze - left a post over a day ago and still no answer

  • hunterqc -

    greatest treasure oups

  • hunterqc -

    greatest story



  • hunterqc -

    We have our winners for this contest and congratulations to all who participated.
    The stories were great.

    Here are the winner....

    1st tintin 100 gold
    2nd hunterqc 50 gold
    3rd Girasoul 50 gold

    but i win 30 golds

  • Abhishek6_COM -

    Hi finals restored again from 6th ... why the vacation mode is being removed ?? it is unfair ... i killed 2 big hammers on capital ...now they are getting the hammer back ...... WHAT A FAIR PLAY /../

  • TOSSES -

    Hi, something happend to my acount, says that dont exist, i m in the fire and sand with the nick TOSSES, i know that is almost finishing the server but yesterday was ok and today says that i dont exist!!! even if i ask for a new password! can you please see what is going on? thank you

  • swiftwind_ES -

    Excuse me, I don´t get the last challenge entirely. Is it tied to Travian adventures or can be ANybody, Anytime, Anywhere?
    Thank you in advance

    • Templar Knight -

      It is not tied to the Travian adventures. Anyone can play and win

  • MHC -

    link to register for com2??

  • edwardyinn -

    Hello there,

    There is also a bug on the rally point apart from those on the changelogs, which is about the lights you can select on each waves of incoming attacks. I found this on com6 which just ended a few days ago so I am not sure if this is still the problem but I guess its worth pointing it out. So basically you can still put the lights on (green, yellow or red), but after doing so it will never save. So if you go to another page or refresh, all lights will be gone. That makes players unable to identify which wave is new and which wave is old. Please help look into it cuz I think this is quite a good and useful feature to many players. Thank you ;)

    Best regards,

  • dondurma gibiyim -


  • Powerless -

    Hi, Is there any other way to buy gold here except for CC and paysafecard? I'm from Philippines and my Country is not available in paysafecard, last time I check you guys have Cherry Credits. Can you bring it back or at least add MOL for your payments. :) Thanks.

  • Ob1k_UK -

    Noted the uk1 restart date. Is this just the usual tribes or are the others playing?

  • scale -

    fyi,,, the replaced gold link sent to me (comx fiasco) did NOT work
    the email streams continue, don't expect to learn much from traianplus, more hedging coming up, going through the motions, again, pretty poor, again lol

    • Templar Knight -

      Please contact plus@travian.com as they can sort that out for you.

    • scale -

      threw up the solution in one of the threads
      may not effect everyone but may also help others (who reads the forums) with the same issues.

      I did not repeat any conversations in that comment ;)

      is a little late for my liking but the solution is found.
      now to come back from the poor start, the ban & the other small disadvantages caused by the restart & original technical issue,
      hope your guys are on top of that one . lol

  • 125689 -

    hi.are you done banning my accounts? i have more so its up to you

  • confused134 -

    why cant i see the com forum. but it shows me the UK crap? is the com info clasified or smthng ?

  • Mr.YP_AU -

    stay online if possible i am having bad feeling about speed restart due to last updates

  • Batman58_US -

    oh goody i think i won something

  • Susano -

    Thank You. (Edit)

  • Susano -

    Hello! Lots of people on ts2.travian.us are reporting back that they can't register on Travian Forum to vote for Awards 2017. Is this intended?

  • Mazza Pazza_IT -

    hello, how can i get a new title on forum ?

    • Templar Knight -

      We sometimes give titles as gifts during events or contests.

  • Mr.Raider -

    Hello sir,
    Do you have any information about comx server starts? I hope Server starts before 29 January

  • Chandra -

    ​Does US29 or COM29 have troops forwarding or merging like in birthday servers?

  • iRonik -

    Uhm, are you able to delete wall posts by any chance?

    • Templar Knight -

      wall posts can be deleted

    • iRonik -

      Where exactly, may I ask? Haven't found the option.

  • Moogle -

    Any information on Uk1 restart? Thanks

  • GodZellA -

    Hello there!
    I'm looking for a new German Server which I can register asap.
    Can you please help me with sending the link to here?
    Thanks in advance

    • Templar Knight -

      If you go to the German domain forums they will have the links for you.

    • GodZellA -

      I have tried several times and it always leads me to a US servers. I don't know why!

  • Kantemir -

    Is that info forgotten to mention in changelog?

  • Kantemir -

    Hi, I was wondering when did the daily quest "Contribute 5000 resources to an alliance bonus" become 5000 instead of 1000. I just saw that you are online, hope you can answer quickly.

    • Templar Knight -

      Not sure as I do not have any info to go on. What server and domain are you on and if possible can you take a screenshot of it?

    • Kantemir -

      My domain is Tr(turkey) and ibb.co/h5YUPw this is the link of the screen shot of the daily missions

    • Mr.YP_AU -

      well more the village u have more donation u will be needed... if you dnt have more than 5 village then its something travian team's fault :P
      travian team give 5k gold for compensastion :D dnt kill me please :3

      donations increases as well as max donation per day

    • Templar Knight -

      You will have to contact those on the Turkey Domain though as I am not part of that so can offer little assistance in regards to what you have asked.

  • caduceus -


  • Zee -

    Hello there, COM7 server stopped working. Can someone fix it asap. Days before truce is hard you know

    • Templar Knight -

      Thanks for the heads up and see a couple threads about it too. We have notified the people upriver and it is being investigated to find out what is going on. Will post more on the forums once we learn.