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  • slow ciliatus -

    Sorry, but will you take care of a nationalistic direction in here?
    Or shall i write to another moderator?

  • the doctor number 1 -

    i posted an answer to the winter maze
    where is it ?
    why dd you delete it?

    • Templar Knight -

      my wall is not the place to post any answers for a contest. If you posted in the thread then what domain was it in and I can take a look

  • killa007 -

    why u delete our topic ?

  • tintin -


  • sph1nX -

    Right, I've seen people ask for titles, so I'll just ask what are the requirements to get one? # of posts, points etc. or just kindly ask an admin? :)

    • Templar Knight -

      I give them out during contest and events. :)

    • sph1nX -

      Ah, so it would seem. Thanks for the answer!

  • sav77_FR -

    Hi TK

    The gold promo is for the tournament too ?

  • Aarmin -

    hi dear
    Please provide pre-registration options on servers

    • Templar Knight -

      It has to do with the new game page. So currently there will not be any.

  • Dark Minion -

    heyyy Templar, can I have a MINION for a tittle??

  • Mithy -

    You can help me, with my colleagues they always have a problem between the server's schedule and the Spanish schedule, you can clarify what is the schedule server with that of GTM +1 please thank you.

    • Templar Knight -

      Send me a PM to remind me but will try and send you one with the expalanation

  • WhiteWarrior_RU -

    could i have FURY for a title?

  • last hero -

    hi. i have a question: when we receive our medal from qualification round? is it depends on start the final round?

    • Templar Knight -

      Once you have received it then it can be displayed on any server your start after you have won it.

    • last hero -

      I have won already, but it doesn't display yet

    • last hero -

      wow , for new accounts, it came but for old accounts it doesn't display

    • Templar Knight -

      Yes that is correct. Anytime you start a new account with that same email it will always be able to be displayed.

  • I_Am_Garfield -

    Contrary to what was said earlier, it seems the maintenance has indeed affected the release of Artifacts on ComX. Many of us have been waiting for hours now but there is no sign of them yet. It would be of some relief to the players of ComX, if some update was given in this regard and perhaps a statement to the effect that the artifacts would now be released at a date and/or time, to be announced later. This uncertainty regarding release, is sheer torture and agony for us who keep waiting, expecting the artifacts to spawn any moment. My good sir,this is the least that you can do for us.. do show some clemency and put us not to any further testing, please? I can quite understand the predicament you are in, but you, sir, are the only interface we have with powers that be at HQ.

  • TurkC -

    Maintenance Summary:
    Maintenance start: 07.11.2017 – 10:00 GMT/UTC+1
    Maintenance end: 08.11.2017 – 10:00 GMT/UTC+1

    • Templar Knight -

      This will not affect the artifacts or change there release at all. As stated in the post this maintenance should have no impact on players at all. :)


    oldukça yoğun çalışıyorsunuz bu azminizden ötürü kutlarım
    bu arada genelde insanların duvarına yazıyorsunuz
    mesajlaşma panellerine katılmıyormusunuz.

    kolay gelsin

    • Templar Knight -

      I try not to work too hard.
      Plus there is always time for coffee and chit-chat with a friend. :)


      çalışmamış haliniz buysa çalıştığınız zamanlarda 24 saat aktifsiniz sanırım :)
      bu arada isminiz nedir sormayı unuttum kusuruma bakmayın

  • octavian -

    Please open the sign up Web coldnt join ts3

  • Wolf throne -

    Its more than 2hr past from ts3 begining time but we cant still sign up bcz its closed ?!!!!!!


    yeni imzan daha şık olmalı ;)

    • Templar Knight -

      I know and will work on one later. Been busy last couple days. :)


      güzel bir çalışma olmalı o zaman iyi günler :)

  • Grenadian -

    Mold on a tomato

  • pboy&asta -

    Thanks for being a cool moderator and changing wrong answers into correct ones :) U rock man


    How can i leave a comment on a the post which you share

  • Wolf throne -

    Would you pls create a post or guid me to the post anyone create about which metas going to play on come3 plz?
    There is nothing about it in forum
    And no one like to register in any quad by the chance !

  • Miklo Velka -

    hi just making sure you got me for the Halloween Gold..Demiurge / us19

  • Templar61 -

    Demiurge on tx3.travian.com, Palma - halloween contest!

  • Miklo Velka -

    hi .. Demiurge on us19 - halloween contest!

  • Wolf throne -

    Nothing about any restart yet ?!
    It has been soooo long

  • Wolf throne -

    I would like to say this tho
    Old travian members need some changes to get back intrest for playing
    But this ROA servers with troops merging option and without WW is not fun for us
    Plz start new normal servers with HUN and EGYPTIONS tribes for us
    I'm sure 99% of players wants this term , even u can check comments behind the pill u made for voting for new october server

    • Templar Knight -

      I will be turning those results in too so Travian can see them. :)

  • Wolf throne -

    Plz plz plz make servers begining times more clear to know for us
    Its like 15 year we have a problem with this subject
    No one knows when which server will restart clearly till a week before begining
    But for sure we need more time than a week to manage a good team for ourself
    I can't understand why u dont make a clear Galender for this term in Forum !

    • Wolf throne -

      Would you plzzzz tell me when next normal .com server will start?
      No matter which server

  • DRviS -

    how to answer the quiz? i can't seen any reply button there?