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  • roycooper_COM -

    i have sent a report on a illegal language.
    U banned me !! and not the other guy
    plz check it fast because im losing resources here
    im funding gold on every server im playing and thats what im getting back? ban for nothing? i just reported that someone called me jewish kid and told me to kill myself.. why im getting the ban?
    this is screenshots of the situation:
    prntscr.com/gc6nzq - the ban
    prntscr.com/gc6oby - the conversation with the guy
    prntscr.com/gc6orj - the conversation with the multi
    he just told me to send him link and minute after im getting a ban..
    im pretty sure this is a mistake but i think you understand that mistakes like this wont be happen.. resources lost.. time lost.. building time lost ..
    this is not fair and u need to give me an Improved with something.
    my ign in ts8 is : ME AGAIN
    pls send me message back.

  • atilla279 -

    How to register for com80 server?

  • atilla279 -

    Will com80 be the key?

  • atilla279 -

    Will the new fire and sand com80 be the new tribes?

  • Gevany -