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  • Aarmin -

    Hello dear friend
    Please provide information about these servers and their features
    Are these servers perfectly normal?
    Or are they somewhat different from normal?
    Please explain if possible
    Thanks sincerely

    • Meme -

      Hi Aarmin, you need to ask on the com forum. If you go into your settings and select com as a language you will be able to see the com forum, this is for UK domains

    • Aarmin -

      thanks dear

  • Senator1960_UK -

    Sorry I didnt realise that you can not copy and post content of a MM sent by a player can it be posted with consent of the other player involved and how do I show the permission ?

    Edited by SMOD a post I made

    • Meme -

      You need to ask them to contact a moderator or the CM giving their permission.

  • Corts -

    How can I run an alliance. If their openly taking about spys and information gained . I can not play round this .
    I want to know what action to take

    • Meme -

      Spies are part of the game. As an alliance leader, part of your job is to find and deal with them. There are no rules which state that spies and their use can't be discussed on the forum.