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  • Corts -

    Hi my problem with rommel and his group. They came to my alliance to help
    We were doing a big push on bonus and other things
    But they kicked most players including myself. Then started attacking us.
    I changed accounts but sadly others didn't have that option. So they killed alot of players game .
    They back swm. But lye and say they didn't .
    I am only telling you this because I can't stand liers and cheats . Jb is both

    • Mysterious Stranger -

      Mate, keeping your friends together is a tricky business. Treat them the same you would like to be treated, help them when they need your help the most and they will help you when your time to need them comes...
      Step on their balls just once and you may loose them for good.
      Same thing applies for travian friends as well, but here your friends are people you don't even know in real life. so think twice before you do or say anything.
      It is far more easier to make enemy's than friends.

      Be cool mate, be cool! :)