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We've implemented the New Combat Simulator and combat reports on the PTR server.
Check it out and provide your feedback here!

  • iRonik -

    ┻━┻ ノ( º _ ºノ)

  • Mercedes -

    Sorry for the poor welcome. I hope you were warned that you are walking into a minefield on uk domain. Best of luck!

    Let me know if you want the spreadsheets and templates for the HoF, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done there so would be cool to have some help. I’ll pm you my Skype.

    • Yowie -

      It's ok. I've been a UK reader for quite some months. I knew what I was stepping into.

      Please do. :)

  • notorious crunchie -

    Your thread was deleted?

    TK sack you already?

    • Lemon -

      I got it deleted since it was my thread, cause I realised that it's someone we don't want on UK.

    • Yowie -

      I appreciate the candor. Perhaps that opinion will change in time.

    • Lemon -

      In time for what? More upcoming changes to the crew? :O

    • MartinJames_UK -

      Yeah what lemon said. As for changing opinions, seems unlikely. Ask muchachole how it went for them.