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  • Papillion -

    Hey tell sap to make a discord room. He'll know what you mean.

  • Papillion -

    Ay yo Flossie, what happened to the old .us forum?

  • Tazz -_US -

    Tazz waves hi!

  • Meherrin -

    Hi friend. :)

  • Vaya Con Dios...Adios -

    Blue is my least favorite color. I am glad these new forums have black type on a light background, I find as my eyes age, I really find it the easiest to read. I know some of the younger folk like dark background with light type....a la discord perhaps that should be an option for those also.

    I was trying to send you an I have no idea where it went and how. Is this conversation private? Like jsut messaging between the two of us? I am trying to get the hang of things.

    Thank you for deleting that old profile, now I just need to catch Mod Polkadot at a good time and get her to figure out why my signature is so odd, but she is so busy at work right now I do not want to bother her.

  • m.hudson -

    Hey no idea why i cant see the message you sent except int the email it generated. Anyhow I have done as your requested.
    PS i miss the green as well. WBB Blue is not bad tho, i find it easier on the eyes