Calendar January 2019

Dear Community,

below you find the Community Calendar for January 2019.

As usual, a few notes, that we'd like you to take into consideration:

  • The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching the Payment/Store Information section for the updates about it
  • The speed gameworlds are usually planned when the previous one is over. This means that there is a high chance that this calendar will be updated often mainly to add new speed gameworlds to the list
  • For the game world number you will have to wait for the announcement from your Community Manager which will appear here Server Information
  • The changelog with the updated information will be published in the discussion thread about the calendar, you find the link here on the right side.

Do not hesitate to contact your Community Manager if you see something odd in the Calendar. We will do our best to have it as functional as possible.

Your Travian: Legends Team

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Community Calendar January 2019

Changelog 04/01/2019


  • Removed BG regular server start 16.01.2019
  • Removed GR regular server start 16.01.2019
  • Removed HR regular server start 16.01.2019
  • Removed RS regular server start 16.01.2019
  • Removed SI regular server start 16.01.2019
  • Removed BA regular server start 17.01.2019
  • Added BALKANS regular server start on 16.01.2019
  • Removed CZ regular server start 15.01.2019
  • Removed SK regular server start 07.01.2019
  • Added CZSK regular server start on 15.01.2019
  • Removed HK regular server start 17.01.2019
  • Removed TW regular server start 14.01.2019
  • Added CHINESE regular server start on 17.01.2019
  • Added HUX speed server start on 09.01.2019
  • Added AEX speed server start on 14.01.2019
  • Moved AE regular server start from 22.01.2019 to 29.01.2019
  • Added IDX speed server start on 15.01.2019
  • Moved ID regular server start from 23.01.2019 to 29.01.2019
  • Added ILX speed server start on 21.01.2019
  • Added ITX speed server start on 21.01.2019
  • Added PLX speed server start on 29.01.2019
  • Added SAX speed server start on 30.01.2019
  • Added CHINESE speed server start on 31.01.2019
  • Moved NORDICS regular server start from 31.01.2019 to 24.01.2019


  • Moved "The Ultimate Battle #1" from 09.01.2019 to 22.01.2019
  • Moved AskTravian #13 from 29.01.2019 to 30.01.2019
  • Added a few blog and blog topics

Changelog 21/01/2019


  • Moved "The Ultimate Battle #1" to February
  • Moved AskTravian #13 from 30.01.2019 to 31.01.2019
  • Updated a few blog topics