Legends on Tour 2019 Summit - What's next?

The event is over, and now it's time for the Travian: Legends team to recap and work on the different topics brought up by the community.

First, we want to thank all the participants, both from the communities and the company. In total there were around 30 people from Travian Games involved in this event in one way or another, so as you can see it was a huge investment in time from our side. It is a very important event for us as we are trying to get closer and closer to the communities and the communities need and such an event help us to reach this goal.

You probably already read most of what happened from the communities' representative in the forum. So, what's gonna happen?

In the following weeks, the Travian: Legends team will work on writing down all details related to the topics. Some of which looks easy, but they are not.
What will we take into consideration is the resources needed, the connection within the different topics, the development plan we already have in place, and we will start from there.

Some of the topics will be addressed earlier than others, for different reasons, some others will require more time to be addressed.

Meanwhile, we want to keep the community informed on what is going on and how we are proceeding. That is why in the upcoming weeks we will share with you the minutes of the summit and the reasoning of the group (us and the representatives) behind each proposal.


In this picture, you can have a clearer view of what were the topics discussed in the workshops out of all the topics that were brought from the communities. As the time was short, we did not manage to analyze in details ALL the 149 topics that were mentioned in the past months on the forum, but we tackled about half of them and for sure those that were the most important in the opinion of many of the participants.

We are working to make sure we can provide you additional details on the discussed topic in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!


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