#AskTravian Ep. 1

0:16 What is AskTravian?
0:40 How was Travian born? And is it true that it was inspired from the game “Settlers of Catan”?

1:33 Who came up with the name Travian and how?

2:09 Do any of you actually play Travian?

2:44 Is it true that the game was initially used as a war simulator by the NATO?

3:18 Isn’t it time to change the graphic scenario?

3:47 When will the map be adjusted to the number of players? So, when will we get smaller maps?

4:13 Why we don’t have an alliance chat?

5:05 Will there ever be another “retro” server with the version 3.6?

5:37 Are we going to add new buildings to differentiate the tribes we have even more?

6:07 Are there plans to copy the single account lobby system from Kingdoms to Legends? If so, when?

6:56 Will Travian Games develop an app for iOS/Android that is reliable for veteran players and even attracts new players?

7:50 Is it true there will be two new tribes in the next Annual Special?

The full transcript is available here.


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