Legends on Tour 2020 - Workshop #1

During our topic prioritization session, it quickly became clear that the main topic to be discussed - which definitely concerns all communities - is multiaccounts.

After a long conversation with the Ambassadors and some additional internal discussion, we have agreed on holding off this topic a little longer in order to collect some feedback from the technical and legal deperatments.

As a result, this topic will get an additional dedicated workshop on top of the one which was already planned.

On April 15th 2020 the first Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop lasted 2 hours and we discussed some interesting topics:

:arrow_right: Split offense/defense points for PVP and PVE

:arrow_right: Regional servers: add a new regional power or increase merchant speed

:arrow_right: Regional servers: randomize regional effects for each round

:arrow_right: Alliance management - alliance troops

:arrow_right: Closing server registration timing


  • Brian – Product Owner
  • Jake – Game Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Froz – Customer Service Game Expert
  • Martina – Communications Manager
  • Minke – Team Lead Community Manager


  • Demix_IT – (Italy)
  • El_Tano – (Hispano)
  • Lotte – (Germany)
  • Jelena - (Balkans)
  • Kazah - (Russia)
  • nionet8 - (Italy)
  • SpartanKing - (France)
  • wishmaster3 - (International)

The conversation turned to be very productive and constructive. Majority of the topics that were mentioned will need to be discussed further conversation and they definitely will be debated in the Ambassador Workspace in the upcoming weeks.

All notes from the workshop can be found here.