Legends on Tour 2020 - Workshop #2

On May 12th 2020 the second Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop lasted 2 hours and we discussed some interesting topics:

:arrow_right: Cooldowns after joining an alliance

:arrow_right: Trade routes - Activate/Deactivate button

:arrow_right: Crop distribution on the small map

:arrow_right: Building deletion queue

:arrow_right: Allowing attacks on banned ww/artifact villages

:arrow_right: Wavebuilder cost

:arrow_right: Village list overview

:arrow_right: Third sitter

:arrow_right: Add speed factor to the brewery


  • Brian – Product Owner
  • Jake – Game Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Froz – Customer Service Game Expert
  • Aiste - Rule Einforcement Team
  • Martina – Communications Manager
  • Minke – Team Lead Community Manager
  • Liudmila - Team Lead Community Manager


  • Demix_IT - (Italy)
  • Jelena - (Balkans)
  • nionet8 - (Italy)
  • SATANS - (Lusobrasileiro
  • SpartanKing - (France)
  • wishmaster3 - (International)

The conversation turned to be very productive and constructive. There is quite a lot of work ahead the Ambassadors as many topic will need to be further discussed and debated in the Ambassador Workspace in the upcoming weeks.

All notes from the workshop can be found here.