Legends on Tour 2020 - Workshop #3

On July 7th 2020 the third Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop focused on the multi-account topic and lasted 2 hours. Here is the list of discussed topics:

:arrow_right: Multiaccounting - Tools

:arrow_right: Multiaccounting - Punishments

:arrow_right: Multiaccounting - RET

:arrow_right: Techaccounts

:arrow_right: Techaccounts - Rule changes

:arrow_right: Change of pushing restrictions

:arrow_right: Same PC - Account interaction

:arrow_right: Sitter bans

:arrow_right: Leader to get ban notifications

:arrow_right: Alliance Punishments


  • Brian – Product Owner
  • Jake – Game Designer
  • Cécile – Head of Customer Service & Community Management
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Aiste – Rule Enforcement Team Lead
  • Froz – Customer Service Game Expert
  • Minke – Community Management Team Lead
  • Liudmila – Community Management Team Lead
  • Marcus – Customer Service Team Lead


  • BlackBlade - (Anglosphere)
  • El_Tano – (Hispano)
  • Lotte – (Germany)
  • Jelena - (Balkans)
  • Kazah - (Russia)
  • nionet8 - (Italy)
  • Demix_IT (Italy)
  • ThomasGB/Spartan - (CM Anglosphere/France)
  • wishmaster3 - (International)

The conversation turned to be very productive and constructive. Travian Games presented the changes that are going to be implemented in the upcoming months, and then the discussion moved to some suggestions from the Ambassadors.

We have already a rough timeline for the changes. Please, take into account that it's subject to change in function of priorities for the game and the annual special development.

  1. Punishment guideline changes - ideally August
  2. Implementation of rule enforcement tools to catch private farms - ideally August/September
  3. Implementation of the raiding limitations to the confederacy - ideally September/October
  4. Addition of the game rule - ideally October

As soon as the needed tools are developed, we will announce it to the community on our communication platform.
Please keep in mind that all this points are deeply connected within each other, therefore if for any reason one of these points is delivered later than expected all the others will come on a later moment as well.

On top of that we will wait the Ambassador feedback to proceed on the topic "punishment for the whole alliance":

  • the ambassadors should get back to us by mid-August (August 16th) with the community feedback on this topic
  • In function of the results, we will review if we should implement this suggestion

All notes from the workshop can be found here.