Ambassador - Workshop #4

On October 1st, 2020 the fourth Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop focused on prioritizing topics for different departments and purposes and lasted 2 hours. Here is the list of discussed topics:

:arrow_right: Prioritized topics for the Development Team

:arrow_right: Prioritized topics for the Game Design Team

:arrow_right: Prioritized topics for the upcoming workshops

:arrow_right: Prioritized topics new topics to be discussed


  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Martina - Community Communications Manager
  • Minke – Community Management Team Lead
  • Liudmila – Community Management Team Lead


  • ThomasGB - (Representing Anglosphere Ambassador)
  • Jelena - (Balkans)
  • Nyx_ - (Nordics)
  • SkyShepard - (France)
  • Kazah - (Russia)
  • Demix_IT (Italy)

This workshop was focusing on sorting out all the open topics and prioritizing them. This is of great help for both our Game Designer and the development team.

On one side it helps us to have an overview of what the important topics for the community are and where we should focus as soon as the development team has a bit of space in their schedule; on the other hand it tells us what are the future wishes of the community for the game so that we can prioritize what needs to be tackled by our Game Designer, Jake.

The next steps of the Ambassador group will be:

  • Before the end of October, one additional small workshop (1 hour) to finish the prioritization of the existing topics
  • Early November - Workshop #5 focusing the Marketplace and Trade Routes
  • By the end of November - Prioritizing the suggestions that have been proposed by the community on the Official Discord Server

We have already set a topic for the upcoming workshops as well:

  • Workshop #6 - Endgame topics from 2019
  • Workshop #7 - Alliance / Confederacies cooldowns

On top of this, we are also keeping discussing various topics directly in our Ambassador workspace.

All notes from the workshop can be found here.