#AskTravian Ep. 2

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Transcript available here.

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Questions Overview:

1:17 How many developers and designers ar part of the team and were are they from?
2:22 How do you choose your employees? Were they players before they joined the team?
4:12 How big of a project is it to come up with a totally new tribe?
5:13 What is the process to implement new features in the game?
6:23 In what language is Travian programmed? What type of database do you use and how big is one game world?
7:14 What was the most difficult bug your team had to fix?
8:26 Do you plan to change the balancing?
10:03 What is the point of a grey area when World Wonders are all over the map?
11:04 Is there any chance we can get hold of the attack formulas?
11:34 Why can't we cancel the process of merchants leaving the market place?
12:07 Will there be new graphics for the buildings?
12:38 How do you determine appearances and characteristics of the tribes in Travian?
13:08 Will the new tribes be implemented on normal Traivan: Legends servers?
14:02 What is the meaning of the "recommended" area when choosing a sector in Fire & Sand?
14:26 What's the cost of developing a game?