Ambassador - Workshop #5 - Marketplace & Trade Routes

On November 5th, 2020 the fifth Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop focused on the rework of the Marketplace & Trade Routes. Here is the list of discussed topics:

:arrow_right: What are the must-have of a reworked system?

:arrow_right: What are the nice to have of a reworked system?

:arrow_right: What is not necessary for the system?

:arrow_right: What are the possible features/improvements that could be tested on Annual Special?

Travian Team

  • Brian - Product Owner
  • Jake - Game Design
  • Nils - UX Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Martina - Community Communications Manager
  • Froz – Game Specialist
  • Liudmila – Community Management Team Lead

Community managers

  • ThomasGB - Anglosphere
  • Spud - Lusobrasileiro
  • Scyllo - France & Germany


  • Jelena - (Balkans)
  • Nyx_ - (Nordics)
  • SkyShepard - (France)
  • Kazah - (Russia)
  • Demix_IT (Italy)
  • nionet8 (Italy)
  • WdwndSpecialist (Anglosphere)
  • Wishmaster (International COM)

The purpose of this workshop was to collect and brainstorm about pain points and must-have features that should be tackled/included in the rework of the Marketplace and Trade Routes system.

We asked the Ambassadors to collect from their communities all the pain points and wishes in regards of the Marketplace and Trade Routes system and add them to a Trello Board.

Jake - Game Design and Nils - UX Design, offered their time to go through all the gathered topics together with the Ambassador. And ➡️ here ⬅️ are the results of the discussion.

What's next?

Jake and Nils will go through all the points and will start creating a first mock-up of the new look and usability of the Marketplace & Trade Routes. Once this is done, it will be presented to the Ambassadors and depending on the feedback the work will continue with either reworking the mock-up or proceeding with the creation of User Stories for the Development Team. We do not know yet when these mock-ups will be ready as it heavily depends on the priority the team is assigned, but we have good hopes to have the first drafts ready by the beginning of 2021.

The next steps of the Ambassador group will be:

  • Workshop #6 - Endgame topics from 2019 - This will happen either early December or early January

On top of this, we are also keeping discussing various topics directly in our Ambassador workspace.

If you want to check the notes for the previous workshop head here.