Ambassador - Workshop #6 - Vacation Mode & End Game

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On December 8th, 2020 the sixth Ambassador's workshop took place. The workshop focused on the rework of the Vacation Game & discussion about the End Game. Here is the list of discussed topics:

➡️ What changes need to be done to the Vacation Mode?

➡️ How can we make the end game more interesting?

Travian Team

  • Brian - Product Owner
  • Jake - Game Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Martina - Community Communications Manager
  • Minke – Team Lead Community Managers
  • Liudmila – Content Creator

Community managers

  • Unknown - Hispano
  • ThomasGB - Anglosphere & France
  • Spud - Lusobrasileiro
  • Stellamini - Nordics
  • Orome - Turkey


  • xTyrell - Germany
  • Nyx - Nordics
  • Demix_IT - Italy
  • Kazah - Russia
  • WdwndSpecialist - Anglosphere
  • Wishmaster - International COM

The purpose of this workshop was to collect and brainstorm about pain points and must-have features in regards of Vacation Mode & End Game Topics. We have asked the Ambassadors to get the feedback from their community in regards of these topics and then we worked on a Trello Board together to sort the topics.

The results of the conversation and the next steps can be found ➡️ here ⬅️ .

What's next?

In January we will review the Ambassador Program as a whole and probably do a few adaptations to the program itself. We will also prioritize again the next topics to discuss within the group.

If you want to check the notes for the previous workshop head here.

For the moment we wish everybody a great holiday season! And see you in 2021.