Ambassador - Workshop #7 - Alliance & Troop Management

On 23rd February we hosted the 7th Ambassador's Workshop. We discussed briefly alliance punishment and then moved onto alliance troop management. Here is the list of discussed topics:

➡️ Should we include an alliance punishment?
➡️ Suggestions for improvements on the Alliance troop administration

Travian Team

  • Brian - Product Owner
  • Jake - Game Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Martina - Community Communications Manager
  • Froz - Game Specialist
  • Liudmila – Content Creator
  • Pepper - Community Communications Manager
  • Aiste - Rule Enforcement Team

Community managers

  • ThomasGB - Anglosphere & France
  • Fotini - Balkans


  • Jelena - Balkans Ambassador
  • Nyx - Nordics Ambassador
  • SkyShepard - France Ambassador
  • Demix_IT - Italy Ambassador
  • Kazah - Russia Ambassador
  • WdwndSpecialist - Anglosphere Ambassador
  • Wishmaster - International COM Ambassador
  • Schmitz' Katze - German Ambassador

We prepared this workshop to discuss two different topics. The Alliance Punishment and the Alliance Troop Management tools. We asked the Ambassadors to collect ideas from their communities on how to improve the handling of troops as an alliance. We also briefly discussed the idea of having alliance-wide punishments for any of their members breaking the rules.

The results of the conversation and the next steps can be found ➡️ here ⬅️ .

What's next?

The next steps of the Ambassador group will be: Workshop #8 - Tribe Balancing - We will return to discuss this long-lived topic in our next workshop that will most likely take place in April.