Ambassador - Workshop #8 - Tribes and General Balancing

On 14th of April 2021 the 8th Ambassador's Workshop took place. Main topics this time were:

➡️ General balancing suggestions

➡️ Tribe specific balancing (especially in regards to Egyptians and Gauls)

Travian Team

  • Brian - Product Owner
  • Jake - Game Design
  • Laure – Customer Service Manager
  • Martina - Community Communications Manager
  • Froz - Game Specialist
  • Liudmila – Content Creator
  • Pepper - Community Communications Manager
  • Cécile - Head of Community Management and Customer Service

Community managers

  • ThomasGB - Anglosphere & France
  • Fotini - Balkans
  • Stellamini - Nordics
  • Spud - Lusobrasileiro


  • Jelena - Balkans Ambassador
  • Nyx - Nordics Ambassador
  • SkyShepard - France Ambassador
  • Demix_IT - Italy Ambassador
  • WdwndSpecialist - Anglosphere Ambassador
  • Wishmaster - International COM Ambassador

General information

Based on the Ambassadors’ increased interest in the 5 tribes, a workshop to discuss Tribe Balancing was agreed and planned with the Travian: Legends team. A lot of feedback regarding what is currently working (or not working) was gathered by the Ambassadors within the communities, as well as ideas on how to improve balancing.

While doing so, several general balancing topics were also collected and brought up to the game team by Ambassadors.

The results of the discussion can be found ➡️ here ⬅️ .

What's next?

The next workshop will also be entirely dedicated to tribe balancing.

Before the workshop, we will work together with the Ambassadors to compare tribes, since each tribe has both advantages and disadvantages. It is important that we agree on what these characteristics are before we start discussing changes (minor or major).

The further topic will be discussed once again during Workshop #9 - Tribe Balancing, which will most likely take place in May 2021.