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Changelogs_btn-e1583313303472.png Here you can find all the latest information regarding the game updates!
Calendar_btn-e1583313278307.png Do you want to make sure you do not miss a gameworld start, a contest, a game update ever again? Check out the Community Calendar
AskTravianbtn-e1583313257398.png The full collection of the Ask Travian Video episodes is available here for you.
Ambassador_btn-e1583313235868.png What is the ambassador program? Who is part of it? Here you can find all the important information.
Legends-on-Tour_btn-e1583313199983.png Here you can find all the latest news about the Legends on Tour 2020 Summit.
Hall-Of-Fame_btn-e1583313174518.png A collection of great results from community members.
Game-Tools_btn-e1583313114904.png Looking for some calculator, alliance tool and so on? This may be the right place.