Shu's Diaries - The Diary

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My name is Shu, I am a Natarian bird of prey. I used to live in the village Nekhen in the Travian lands a few miles from the Natarian capital Atum. My whole life was dedicated to serving my beloved Natarian emperor Asur. Ten years ago, I was sent on a secret mission to discover a new land for my tribe, a land where we could thrive again. It was a long and difficult mission, and now that I am 40 years old, I am returning to tell my story.

On my way back to the Travian lands, I discovered that the world, as we knew it, has changed. It was strange to see. Everything looked the same, but also different at the same time. I have decided to investigate further and provide all my findings to Emperor Asur. You must know that Natarians are a very solitary tribe, we do not mingle with tribes beyond the gray zone. They might not know what's going on, so I have to tell them. And you won't believe what is happening here…