Travian Short Stories

In the past years the Travian: Legends Team started presenting the forum contests and in-game content attached to short stories.

We have decided to collect the stories of our beloved characters Mark Attilius, Shu and Shadow here, and we hope you find them entertaining and inspiring. The person behind these stories is Ameno and here is the story of the stories :)

Looking back I can't give a definite date when this started. Sometime around 2015-2016, I guess. I was RU Community Manager back then and one day we, as usual, chatted with team members and someone said: "I was always wondering what exactly the hero is doing while he is going on adventures. Sometimes he gets nothing but health damage, sometimes he brings some weapons and items, sometimes resources, but in fact, we never know what he actually does. Is he stealing those from the nearby farmlands? Or does he fight with some enemies and take it as a loot? Or, perhaps, he is just searching the bushes hoping to find something?".

And we started to speculate about possible situations the hero might find himself into when he was going on an adventure. So, this conversation I now count as the beginning of the Hero Adventures.

The first Hero Adventure featured a nameless hero who helped 2 Gaul setters – a wife and a daughter to save their husband and father so that they could settle a village. They had to overcome lots of difficulties to save his life.

The first series was pretty simple, but that was the basis for the future developed and growing Travian Universe. Now heroes have proper names, they belong to different tribes, their stories are linked to each other and with each new story we can find out more and more about them and about what the world they live in. For example, we know from later stories, that Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus, one of the main protagonists of the second Hero Adventures (The builders) and who was the best friend of Mark Atilius, constructed many towns and cities, was really crafted Architect particularly skillful in creating defenses. We know, that Mark Atilius, the caravan driver, finally settled in Egypt and became a healer. He also has a great-grandson, our main protagonist of Ultimate Battle series, who inherited his passion for adventures.

The game and the Adventure series are closely connected. We share our passion for Travian through the story and we write our history through the game. We followed Mark Atilius in his travel to Egypt and found out information about new tribes. We read the story of Shu, the Natar scout, and piece by piece revealed how the new conquering system worked. From Ultimate Battle series we learn about highlights of each month in 2019 at one glance.

Not only do changes that are made in the game find their way into Travian Universe. Sometimes features of a Hero Adventures story also come into the game. This happened with Mark Atilius for example, who a couple of years ago became a healer and founded the first hospital ever. The building, that you will soon see in Codex Victoria.

Our characters talk to us, they sometimes give us hints and they show us the path. We have lots of news to share and lots of new characters to meet. Sometimes we even feature real people in our stories: Legends on Tour representatives, game developers, and real players. So, who knows, maybe the next story will be about you?

And by now… have fun reading!

All the stories, beside "The Builders" are available in the following languages: tub_flags.png

Hero Adventures

  1. 📗 The Builders
  2. 📗 Journey to Egypt
  3. 📗 The Last Journey

Shu's Diary

  1. 📕 The Diary
  2. 📕 Reggia Latina
  3. 📕Tanis
  4. 📕 Teutoburg
  5. 📕 Celtica
  6. 📕 Askuzai

Shu's Stories

  1. 📘 A long way home
  2. 📘 The last mistery

The Ultimate Battle

  1. 📙 Shadow
  2. 📙On the edge
  3. 📙 The hidden scroll
  4. 📙 The meeting
  5. 📙 The war
  6. 📙 A difficult situation
  7. 📙 The Codex