Qualification Round

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General information ------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
Start Date 16.06.2020 - 10:00 UTC
Click here to check the start time in your local timezone.
Gameworlds links group.america.travian.com
Version T4.5
Speed 2x
Tribes 5 (Romans, Gauls, Teutons, Egyptians, Huns)
Map size 801 x 801
Set up Wonder of the World

Relevant timeline ---------------------------
Beginners protection 3 day
Beginners protection can be prolonged 3 day
Registration closes After 10 days
Artifact Spawn After 50 days
Construction Plans Spawn After 100 days
Natars start building After 125 days
Tier 2 hero items spawns After 35 days (+- 24h)
Tier 3 hero items spawns After 70 days (+- 24h)

Speed factors -------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
Troops training 2x faster
Building upgrading 2x faster
Resource production 2x faster
Troops travel speed 2x faster
Merchants speed 2x faster
Artifact cooldown 16 hours
Auction duration 12 hours

Culture points -------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
Artworks effect Maximum 1300 culture points
Small towhall celebration Maximum 500 culture point
Big towhall celebration

Maximum 2000 culture points

Gold features & Gold Transfer Link -------- -------------------------------------------------------------
Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration 3 days
Inbound Gold Transfer Link (qual and finals) from COM International only
Outbound Gold Transfer Link (qualification)
to COM International only
Outbound Gold Transfer Link (finals) not available

Additional features ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
Refer a friend feature Disabled
Hospital Disabled
Hero heal on level up Enabled
Resources as Hero Items

Adventures do not expire Enabled
Troops merging and forwarding Disabled


To get an entry key for the Tournament Finals, players need to join one of the Qualification server.

One entry key is given to players whom at gameworld end respect one of the following parameters:

  • at least 10 villages,
  • a Top 100 position in the Offence Rank,
  • a Top 100 position in the Defense Rank.

Five entry keys players whom at gameworld end respect one of the following parameters:

  • a “Wonder of the World” village,
  • a Top 10 position in the Offence Rank,
  • a Top 10 position in the Defense Rank.

At the same time, the wildcard keys that are usually raffled before the Tournament Finals starts will stay heavily limited. A maximum amount of 500 keys will be drawn this year.. This means that if you want to be sure to make into the Finals, you need to participate in the Qualification rounds.

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

For more information please read: Conditions of the Tournament