🏆 Tournament 2020 🏆

📝Farewell to Forums📝

The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

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The time for a new round of the most challenging Travian: Legends gameworlds of the year is getting closer! And it’s also time to spice things up a little!
The Tournament 2020 Qualification Rounds will start on June 16, 2020!



The Tournament comes back… completely revamped! Wonder what will change? A lot!

🌎 Regional qualification

The qualification round for the Tournament won't be anymore based on country, but on regions. There will be 4 gameworlds named: America, Arabics, Asia and Europe. You can participate in all, but you can only win one access to the finals.

🏆 New prizes

We have doubled the prize pool and changed them a bit. Check all the details ➡️ here.

📜 New Tournament Conditions of participation
We have changed quite some point in the condition of participation, so we highly suggest you to read them carefully. The main changes are:

  • We restored the normal Gold Transfer Links conditions for the Tournament. It is possible to redeem Gold Transfer Links from the COM International domain on both qualification and finals. At the end of the qualification a Gold Transfer Link will be created and it will be valid on all COM International gameworlds. At the end of the Finals, no Gold Transfer Link will be created.
  • We have added an additional condition to be eligible for the prizes related to the ownership of a Wonder of the World. To be eligible for a prize the Wonder of the Worlds needs to be at least level 1.
  • We have added a clarification regarding the Wonder of the World ranking. If there are two Wonder of the World at the same level in the ranking, the owner of the Wonder of the World which reached the level first will receive the highest prize.
  • The registrations to the qualifications and finals gameworlds will be closed at a set date, exactly 10 days after the start.

🆕 In-game features update

3 additional feature connected with the Hero and Hero panel will be activated:

  • All the resources that are gained through adventures, quests and tasks are added as items to the inventory of your Hero.
  • The Hero will regain their full health at level up.
  • The adventures no longer expire. Note: the item received during adventures depends on the time the adventure appeared on your list. Saving up adventures to when a higher level item appears doesn’t give you any advantage.

🔑 Wildcards

We have drastically reduced the amount of wildcards which will be drawn between qualification and finals. The number of keys which will be drawn this year is just 500. Therefore, do not miss to play qualification to secure a spot in the finals.

All the details regarding the qualification rounds are available ➡️ here.

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

Your Travian: Legends Team

For more information please read: Conditions of the Tournament