The Ultimate Battle - Shadow

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It's not an easy task to build something new on the old foundations. Especially if the old foundations are scatters of the once glorious but currently devastated Old Empire. The Empire that went into decline quite a while ago and of which by now all that is left is the desire of local rulers to get back their mightiness. And, of course, do all that by themselves, while at the same time crushing all the possible opponents, the noblemen and war commanders, who also think that it’s only them who have the right and power to build the New Empire.

Frankly speaking, the dreams of 'Ruling The New Empire' are currently the favorite hobby of many war commanders, politicians and diplomats. And at the same time no one actually could say what exactly it should look like. Everything is jumbled together nowadays. Not only legions and mercenaries are now following the Roman rulers, but they have to rely on the other tribes – Teutons, Gauls, and even more exotic ones from South and East at times.

One thing is obvious: the peaceful time is almost over and the ultimate battle is closer than ever. Many of us will drown in the whirlpool of the events that are almost ready to happen.

Including me, I guess.

You wonder who am I and why I am writing all this? Currently, I have no ready answer for that. I grew up in a small village but a couple of months ago, my father sent me to his former commander "to become a real man, finally, and to stop wandering around here, being idle the whole day”. Yet, I suspect that the real reason was his new young, pretty wife, who he married right after my mother's death, and who suddenly started to show quite an interest in me. My father called me 'idler', my current master calls me 'hey, you', because he had lost a letter about me and never actually bothered to recall my name. I entertain myself by writing these observations in the hope to show them to my only confident, my little sister, who I greatly miss.

I am a shadow. No one notices me, while I'm silently present in all interesting events, hidden behind my master’s back. And something is definitely stirring there. The whole past week my master – who had always preferred war training to the reading – was sitting in his residence buried under old manuscripts from his huge, but rather neglected family library, making me run around the whole day. He becomes more and more irritated, throwing manuscripts against the wall when he can’t find information he hopes to find. The whole thing looks quite intriguing, but today I found another mystery.

When I went back to my master with another manuscript, I rushed over one of the bookshelves and it suddenly slid aside. There were 2 doors behind it with weird signs on them. I found a note. This is what was written in it:

If the first door offers a safe path, the sign on this door is true, but if it's a trap, the sign is false. Yet, if the second door offers a safe path, the sign on that door is false, and if it's a trap, the sign is true.

Door I

Door II



A mystery! I should solve it!