The Ultimate Battle - The war

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For a short time, I thought I'd be caught. Luckily, once people were deep in conversation, I managed to sneak by into a small space. It turned out to be one of the side kitchens. There were only two servants, who were busy cleaning the sink and the oven; they paid no attention to me.

Hang on. Let's start from the beginning.

I showed the guards the symbol I made and was let in. Once inside, I found another door with a ciphered lock. I solved it quickly, and now I'm in the very heart of the empire! First of all, this place is huge. There are lots of rooms on both sides of the long corridors. In one of them, I saw representatives who were lively discussing something. A tall Teuton with long hair and a beard was walking along the corridor, talking to a small Roman lady in an elegant dress. I immediately recognized her. She was one of the most famous heralds who regularly brought news to every part of the world – even to our village, forsaken by all the gods. She had a habit of starting all her speeches with the phrase: "Hi everyone, Martina here…"

I approached.

"…yes, I 'eard that too." The lady seemed worried and her Roman accent was more distinguishable than usual. "Again, the biggest provinces are joining the global war to decide who may rule the empire next year. They've already started preparations. And rumors say – for the first time ever – they plan not to follow the Natars' plans, but build different Wonders! I saw sketches by the Gauls and Romans, but the Teutons' sketch is still well 'idden. We were promised by some peasant [here I unintentionally giggled] that he would bring us the Teuton plan, but he failed. So, we basically 'ave no knowledge of what they are preparing…"

"We still have some time." The Teuton looked at her with a calm expression in his eyes. "They won't start a major war without the first round of preparations to select the best warriors in each province. By that time, I'm sure we'll know about everything in detail. But yes, I am as curious to see the missing sketch as you are. After all, most Wonders of the World were built by us Teutons. It must be huge! I think…"

They turned around the corner and walked over the bridge that connected two parts of the palace. I could no longer overhear their conversation.

Suddenly, I realized I also heard no other sounds behind my back. The kitchen was totally silent. I took a closer look at the servants who were cleaning the kitchen and it made me shiver. First, the kitchen was way dirtier than before. Second, I noticed their white tunics were worn on top of rather different clothes. Third, they were holding knives. And… they were a Hun and an Egyptian!

"So, they're still completely unaware." The Hun shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

"Yes, and we should keep our involvement in the battle secret for as long as possible." The Egyptian smile made me shiver again. "…most Wonders of the World were built by us Teutons," he imitated the tall Teuton's voice, but it didn't sound funny at all. Quite the opposite. "But right now, we need to get rid of that nosy peasant!"

At once, he leaped forward and put a bag over my head. I was plunged into darkness.


To get into the palace, Shadow had to decipher the code on the door. What is the answer?

Crack the code
:rom06::rom08::rom02: One unit is correct and placed where it should be.
:rom07::rom03::rom08: Nothing is correct.
:rom02::rom09::rom06: Two units are correct but wrongly placed.
:rom06::rom01::rom04: One unit is correct but wrongly placed.
One unit is correct but wrongly placed.
? ? ?