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    My definitions:
    small abrasive: your canon + lvl10 workshop (500 ram + 250 cata, average 26k upkeep)
    great abrasive: your hammer + lvl10 workshop (1000 ram + 500 cata, 72k upkeep)
    WWK: at least 110k army, inside 8,5k cata. It can buid in main village,…
  • Mohan_vilaga_HU

    There are no possibility build a hammer without gold, and with the mentioned activity. The minimum: +100 gold, and double activity. Especielly, when you drop a new village.

    And a note: a builded defender always can upkeep a 8k attacker army, without…
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    i think the plan A is the best solution for non/low gold user, because you can focus the resource in specific villages and it would cost you less res for the upgrade the level troops in the smithy
  • Mohan_vilaga_HU

    Common suggestion: you should near the 15crop, from the 15crop.

    And my other common sugestion: the second village (it is mean the first settlement) let be the new main village. So, probably you do not mistake with the 15crop.
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    Replied to the thread Noob raiding help.
    (Quote from Odysseus)

    If the defender's loosing is at least 25%, the report show them defend power.
  • Mohan_vilaga_HU

    Replied to the thread Discussion: Travian Version 4.6.
    In the 2. 7dasy server, I've get 50/50/50/50 from all type animal.
  • (Quote from Blizzard_COM)

    So far, more resources have been obtained in this way. More from now on.
    (Quote from Blizzard_COM)

    In a 401*401 map, more then ten thousands player, there are no free place to the lone game. The slower players have no chance kill…
  • Mohan_vilaga_HU

    I have a similar idea.

    All (gaul) village have one Trapper, no more possibility. Tha maximum level of the building Trapper is 10.
    The place of the maked cages is the hero inventory.
    Number of cage from an Trapper:

    Trapper level
    Speed: 1x Speed: 2x
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    The new kind of rewards is really very confusing. As far as I can compare, the previous system was intuitive, which led the player to start the game relatively correctly. The new system is chaotic, unnecessarily confused.

    Why collect rewards? Why…
  • Hy @thunderlight!

    Great work, but there are some mistake.

    Order of units: base infrantry, other infrantri(es), scout, mounted units, etc. And, in the others infranties and mounted units: by training time.

    The maximum upkeep of infratry is one. The…