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  • Hi Dario. I didn't get the prize for the Day 3 forum event. The nonogram one.
    • The competition vouchers has not been dispatched yet. I will do it asap.
  • Hello. One question. I don't find postals with pictures of the castle and the roman ruins of my town, but I have a qsl card with this pictures. A qsl card is the card that the radiooperators uses to confirm a contact with other radiooperator by mail. Can I send a qsl card?
  • please give me a key admin
    • I don't have any spare key with me right now.
  • Hi Dario,
    Could i please get a beta key. Cheers mate
  • Hi dario could you give me a key please. Thanks!
  • Hi dario, i could do with a key if you have one, Thanks.
  • i need key :)
    • Check the private message.
  • Hi dario. Have the results of the Guessing game in Path to Pandora been declared?
  • Hi dario. Have the results of the guessing game been declared?
    • The results has been declared just now.
  • Hi dario.. are there going to be more opportunities for keys for PtP?
    • I am not personally distributing the keys. But I will inquire about the same and let you know ASAP.
    • Hi Robrob,

      I got few keys and if you need any more kindly let me know.
    • thanks so much.. I'll keep in contact.. all the best
  • Hi dario.. quick question.. I am playing the tournament server tx2.travian.com currently but when i clicked on this contest link from game infobox it asked me to login and when I logged in with my forum account it took me to your AU/NZ community link n i was not able to post any answers. How can we fix this and if I can answer on au/nx community then if I win can i use that gold on the tx2 tournament server..?
    • The reply to the competition thread are no visible until I enable them. I think this might be confused you that you are not able to post. The language setting in your account is by default is AU/NZ and this is the reason you got redirected to this forum. You can change the language settings in the profile and enable other languages to make those forum visible. Here is the link that explains how to do it: wbb.forum.travian.com/thread/465732-forum-user-guide/

      In win prize in the AU/NZ domain, each players need to provide their in game name and AU/NZ server that they are playing. So no its not possible to win the prize by providing COM domain account details for AU/NZ competition.
  • Hi dario. Wanted to clarify how winners for the Quest event are being selected. Is there an effort to reward as many players as possible? Because everyone is giving the same answers and there is no incentive to answer early.
    • The winners are selected randomly.
  • Hey what about the MS paint results of Au/Nz?
    • No the results are not declared. It will be declared today.
  • Hi. Have the results for MS Paint contest for AU been declared?
    • No the results are not declared. It will be declared today.
  • Ohai old friend, AU/NZ is your home now? :P
    • Hi Cookie,

      Yes AU/NZ is the new home
  • Hi, when will the Day1 prize be sent to the account. I won the Hero Adventure Day1 challenge. au4.
    • I already send you the gold prize as private message in forum. Could you check the conversation history to find the same?
    • Ooops. Yah it is there. Sorry for the trouble
  • spoiler image is broken
    • I know.. Its the same image appear in top as well as in the link. I will check it again later
  • Next time i hope the coor quiz is more clear it say (AB|C), i think it was AxB because its what math ussualy do.
    • I will pass this feedback.
  • so who is the winner for 1st day australian server ?
  • hmm do i also post it in the forum, for the answer for forum competition ?
    • Just reply to the competition thread
  • why wasn't the Flash Promotion for Travian AU/NZ advertised in the info box?
    • I was not able to do it at the right time due to some internal issues. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • not being able to sign up for the ts4 (new server) - says signup closed. WHY?
    • Same here ... it's saying signup closed...
    • I hope the problem is fixed now. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • hello. I need a moderator who does his job.( TR )
    • You can discuss with me any problems related with AU/NZ domain. For TR domain kindly contact Odin
    • odin It seems that he does not understand it
  • Have a great day, mate! :)
    • Thank you tintin.. Have a great day to you too....
  • Hi there, I won the Christmas Competition.
    Do you reckon i could still get my Title?
    • Yes you won the competition and your title is still waiting. Kindly contact me through private message to discuss it further.
  • how i can get back to play? wicked
    • Kindly contact MH of the server
  • Hello dear friend
    Please provide information about these servers and their features
    Are these servers perfectly normal?
    Or are they somewhat different from normal?
    Please explain if possible
    Thanks sincerely
    • There is no information about these servers at this moment. I will update in forum once I receive it.
    • thanks dear
  • I need to know about natar when them built WW. I hear from Thai moderator that natar can built form level 1-100 in only one day It's that true??
    • No it is not true. The natar WW speed depends on server speed. In slow server natar built wonder at a speed of 1 level per day and in speed server 3 levels per day.
    • Thk ^^
    • You are welcome.
  • Dario, can I ask why the Patch notes for T4.4 are not active in Aux server? The Battle quests are not in the right order
    • Can you contact me in ingame?
  • I cant register there too :(
    • I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Our team is working for a solution at this moment. I am hoping to get it fixed soon.
    • Ok , no problem thank you for quick response :)
    • The issue is fixed and you can register now.