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    Dear players,

    We’ve received many requests from the community and positive feedback about some of the new Hero features on the Codex Victoria gameworlds.
    We would like to add those features onto the regular gameworlds.

    Starting from June 1st 2020 all
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    Replied to the thread Returning Alliances.
    (Quote from Mist4)

    Thought this was for Anglo 2 that started 16 March 2020 :/
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    What is the Discord server link?
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    Last couple of times people said villains/vices play only for end game,no fun in sporting spirit, sim to ops...blah blah blah ..
    And the moment villains change plans and decide to play for fun and not for end game someone…
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    Liked Tinky’s post in the thread Bug In The Last OP.
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    This is a literal server changing issue and it should not be taken lightly. I would hope TG would right this situation.

    Hundreds of players are dedicating their time (and money) on a game that is decided on crucial seconds. If seconds stop mattering,…