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    You need a stable lvl 10 to be able to build trade office,
    for roman tribe maybe horse drinker is needed later? It needs lvl 20 stable

    in your case: not building horses in the village so there is only one reason why to build it: it is your main village…
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    Replied to the thread Effect of demolishing buildings.
    No. After you started building first level you don't need them. Upgrades in smithy and research in academy will also stay, but you will not be able to do new once, make sure your researched all you wanted.
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    Hello dear players,

    We are happy to share with you the release of some changes coming to the game at the following dates and gameworlds:
    • 04.03.2021 ~12:03 UTC+0 NYS
    • 04.03.2021 ~14:03 UTC+0 COM
    • 05.03.2021 ~14:03 UTC+0 Late Summer Special, Midsummer
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    Replied to the thread Discussion: Travian Version 4.6.
    This is not the case on current server. Hopefully will be fixed.
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    (Quote from Firebody)

    why should it be more realistic?