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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

Curious to know more? ➡️ Follow the story!⬅️

  • I hope to continue coverage in the coming weeks and get all new and exciting
  • Hello. Could you come on discord for a brief moment, please? :)
  • Anyone got unused code for me? as last final was a dissapointment
    • I got a few and have none left, sorry
    • Tks anyway... do u know if the ones from the raffle were send ?
    • All wildcards have been sent from the raffle.
    • Will be a shit server then.
    • I don't think so, less multies and the players that got tickets is more engaged.
  • Hello. Would you like to do a piece about our Finnish alliance too? Regards. Wasp/Jens
    • Yes please. Can we talk on skype?
  • i m sorry this guy @mr. seven have a dual travian forum moderator cancell my report post
    i post now some tonight report but @santi licheri delete me
    from now i give to you and you post for me if you like or help me i can do
    sorry for my english

  • Hi Safiren, I have noticed a "bug" on the Group B spy reports (already reported to support)... just wondering if it is happening in any other TT server? Please feel free to contact me... I do have some other reports that show that one of the WW on group B is already under attack.
    • Hi :) I haven't heard about that bug. So early on WW? Well it is cheaper to take them now than to wait :D
    • Yeah that is right... it is cheaper to get them down now... the "curious" strategic thing is that the WW chosen by them is inside the grey area....
      About the bug... it is the following - only the owner of the village is receiving reports of being spied upon, although all the Legatis that he has are in fact from the rest of the ally... that are not receiving any reports att all even when they are unable to stop the spying...the only way we are getting reports from our legatis re-enforcing some one else is via the ally and no notification is delivered...
      so you say no one complained about that in other Servers?
    • I guess it's a new bug and I haven't read my chats, occupied with other things.
    • It may be...please if you ear anything as that do tell me.
  • hi
    we are italian team from itx not chile spain and argentina

    • I might have mixed you. But you are Ita? I was talking about FL
    • yes we are italian alliance from server speed
      the report on safiren corner from 4 jun
      is not pl against chile spain and argentina but pl against ita1869
      pl attack my player

    • sorry for taking long time to respond but I have edited now :)
    • thx to you
  • Hello, are you looking for me?
    • Yes I am. You don't allow conversations.
    • Thats right, what hapend?
    • I changed the settings. now you can send me a message if you want.
    • Still don't work. Do you have skype?
    • ariowst.diamonddog is my nickname on skype
  • Hello, can i play in tournament when am i normal player?
    • yes, where are you from? There are 6 qualification servers to chose among. If you don't have an ally, I recommend the International server.
    • I am from czech republic and i don't have an ally (aliance)
    • CZech is playing on Turkey qualification, you can go there or join an international alliance on com. Add me on skype and I give you contacts. safirwin
    • Thank u very much.. series_newmo is my account on skype.
  • Hello, how to play in tournament?
    • The start is 13 june at 13:00 gmt+1. You chose a server and start to play. Which country are you from?
    • Lithuania
    • Baltic countries plays on Group A
  • Nice to meet you
    • Hello :) Are you playing qualification?
    • this qualification we stay with cof
      cof my at group c
  • Kanka Hollanda ve Endonezya sayfası ölü gibi :) Açıklama vs yok. C grubunda ne yapacaklarmış haber de yok
    • Turkey is always interesting, with or without other invited domains :)
  • hi. have a nice day
  • Tack for accept. ^^
  • Hello Safiren i am "wakeful" from Animals.
    I heard that you were looking for some help about Turkish support.

    In that case i could support you with the Turkish side of your job if you want.

    (You can contact me here or in the game)

  • hello! :)
    • hi tintin :)
    • So it's seems like you know a bit about the game, huh? Just saw some of your corners and they are phenomenal! Where did you get all of this knowledge? And may I ask if your'e a female or a male?
    • :)
    • I'm female and I have played Travian since 2008 and I like statistics, gettertool is helpful too.
    • Nice. :)
  • hi
    • hello :) What can I do for you?