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The spurts of flames threw weird shadows on the Smithy walls. The walls, which contained evidence that Shadow Empires have already been forged in the world of Travian... Curious to know more? Follow our teaser story!
  • Здравствуйте, на рух беседка будет? 🤔
  • Hi friend ... how many multihunter there in pansora x 2 ... Im calling hem for 2 days & no reply ...

    I need to remove one acount from my two acount which I own with my twins ,,,, to complete the game with one acount ^^^^

    Im daily gold user with my groups millions of golds ^^^

    Ok ..... can you help me to communicate with multihunter in whatsapp or direct ^^$$$ help me please I need to win all travian servers with my groupd^^$$$
  • Hej czemu path to pandora nie dziala?
  • hello will be the peace time be during the Easter?
  • Вы бы жалобы иногда смотрели...
  • Hi i couldnt sign up new server ts3. It is Written sign up closed
  • Добрый вечер. Не могу убрать приставку RU на своем нике. Помогите это сделать,))