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    Welcome =)

    I think this finals could be really fun for all parties.

    I expect the first "warzones" between South-East (ML-HIT) and North-East (Uollas).
    The second will be between South-West (Russia) and North-West (Dacia).

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    Winter/Mafia was coming for CS.
    NewOrder scouted as always and got some juicy reports.

    We were able to track down their real targets.
    Sadly they knew we caught them so they stopped sending real attacks after we scouted the hammer running.

    We lost around…
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    As I do not see any reports from NewOrder I am happy to add them =)

    Croplocked these capitals.
    We just saw some troops:

    This night we got some new attacks by russia.
    This time by south-west.

  • Jonson

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    X3 + P&D vs NewOrder (1.600.000 DP)
    Picture + Links on the buttom
    Target 1: Big Confusion (Livia Drusilla)
    Target 2: Big Confusion (Mooncakes)

    Both accounts are located at the BP spawn (-10/-57).


    First member is informing about attacks on
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