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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • Iip tari
  • turut berduka cita

    semoga terlahir kembali di alam bahagia
  • über türkish speed3x wowumuzda yapılan kasti buglama olayını şiddetle kınıyoruz. artık yetti. her server boktan oldu. buglamalar kişiliksiz travian yönetim kadroları herserverde açılan 10000 lerce galya ve cermen hesapları, hergün gelen altın gümüş ham satış teklifleri vs durumu açacağım almanyaya telefon anlatacağım. Darauf können Sie mir glauben. ich meine das ist genug was ich meine für Sie. heute is sontag warte ich montag.
  • Ciao, ho problemi con la registrazione dell'account, mi dice che la mia email già è attiva, ma dato che non ricordo la pass non riesco ad accedere. Ovviamente ho provato più volte a farmi rimandare la pass per email, ma non è mai arrivato nulla
  • Hola , podrias ayudarme diciendome el Link del servidor CLX , no lo encuentro por ningun lado , muchas gracias
  • bagaimana mau ikut Turnamen 2017 tapi belum daftar? apa kah masi bisa ikut turun main?
  • has noticed a typo in the word "Nivel" in pt-br (level).

    in place of "Nivel" appears "Nivelq" (in the list of pending constants, when I open the construction and in the title of the construction there is the word "Nivelq").

    where should I report this type of "error"
  • cilacap priwe vro
  • give me the name of the mult hunters on each br br server please
  • To Mr Ghost Residivis, the Super Moderator CO.ID

    Hello, my name is Daterly, I'm an 25-years old, and an at the past 9 years I'm a member in the Israeli Tavian community.
    Most of the time, I'm spend my time in the israely forum. As you can check, this forum has an extremely large history – before the community shifted to the new forum – the Travian: legends forum, we had over half a million messages and more then 1/4 million – without include the old archive.
    If you look at this numbers, you could saw that even that our domain is relatively small comparing to the other countries, our forum is unique in it's size and history – believe my, this place is my home at the last 9 years, I remember this history.

    I'm mention this history and size in order to point on a message – the Israeli community is quite different from other country's. we use our forum a lot – and therefore, we need excellent community manager, an excellent support people and great multi-hunters.
    At the last 9 years I sow the game losing it's popularity and my beloved forum getting empty, yet – at the last several months I sow a difference – we had a new manager, Yarin, also known as Saturn, that recruit good people and make – somehow – the domain running again.

    I don’t know what is the reason you fired him and the rest of the crew. It doesn't really matter. Yarin was the best community manager I sow at the past nine years.
    It will be smart to return him to his previous position as a community manager.

    I would also point on another argument to support this nomination – Yarin was an old player, and many of the community members won't take his place from respect to him.

    I know it's sounds like a small problem – you only need one person. And everyone is replaceable. but please, here in Israel all the players know each other. There are players meetings in the real life outside the game. It's a small country with powerful and coherent community. Finding a replacing person won't be easy, especially because you need a person who know the game and know the language – you cant relay on person from another country.

    Yarin make the domain run again, he make old players, how retired long time ago – return to the game. He (and of course his crew) restore my beloved forum – he is the right person as a community manager.

    I ask you to re-consider his dismissal.

    Best regards

    since I don’t really know how is the right person to talk with him about this subject – I'm sending this letter to you. Please – If I'm wrong – address my the Email of the right person or the Forum-user of this person, or send this letter to the HR of Tavian company.
  • koq tampilan avatar akun saya ada error nya ya ...
    status seperti pemula/pedagang/filsuf ngga muncul
    terima kasih
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