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    Replied to the thread New Task System - Feedback thread.
    Reduce/Remove the amount of XP per task, there is no reason for a hero to be level 19 within the first hours of a server.
    This way you also tweek the amount of resources you get per task.
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    Replied to the thread 10x Egyptian Guide?.
    American, Uk and some other smaller domains merged into the ''Anglosphere' domain.

    The guide is all dependant on different factors:
    - Activity
    - Gold use
    - Goals
    - Team
    - Etc.
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    Replied to the thread Wrong.
    The only resources going into the hero's inventory are the ones you get from either adventures, or tasks. How is that unlimited in your tiny mind?
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    They just wait long enough untill everybody forgets.
    Ridder Huma Any info?
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    Hello, yes teutons are cheaper and fast to train that the other tribes, at least for the 3 main tribes and romans are the opposite, the more expensive and slowest training. But if you count the actual stats of each unit you can see that teutons are very…
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    Replied to the thread Do you plan more x10?.
    (Quote from FarisNO)

    05/05/2020 is when they release the 663 Polarbear update to X10 servers, not a new one starting.
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    Now follows Ashwin.