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  • Hey friend,unlikely you will remember me.But i remember you as the stats man. Do you by any chance still have the army details,from the Confeds (Pwnstats/UV) ukx ?
    • I'll be honest, I think back then I was only just getting into Travian - So didn't do any WW Report tables. Most the Travian Reports from forum have expired since then too, not that I can find any of the threads here..
    • Thanks for the answer,i couldn't find them here eitherI wonder why the forum doesn't go back to UKX1.Strange.
    • Yeah I think everything got lost really with the move, but before the change, Reports on ukx8/ukx9 had started to expire, so back in Pwnstars/UV Days be rare to find any reports still working.
  • would you like me to change your name again
    • Can't I keep it a bit longer?
    • Also this isnt Shaun. This is Lemon
    • tut tut I know who you are ;) I fixed your usertitle btw
    • Thanks muchly!
    • Can I call myself Tombo?