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    please give me your discord id it would be something like foobarph#1233
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    Posted a new thread: Dual Needed
    Hi Guys,

    I am playing on com3 and I need a dual. It is a top 10 raider account.

    Account details
    Tribe: Teuton
    Play: Offensive
    Gold: Yes
    I have a lot of experience of game and we can have a lot of fun. :)

    I am looking for gold buying dual only, Gold…
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    Replied to the thread server starting on May 5.
    Any pre made ally coming to NW ?
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    Name mist1321
    Server Com4

    During the start of the server, ignore doing all fields to level 2 and all fields to level 5 untill you have a level 7 warehouse and a grainmill level 1. (of course you can build one of each to level 2 for the mission)

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    Posted a new thread: Dual Needed !
    I need a dual for my account, who can play when I sleep activity needed 7-10 hrs daily. I am a gold user and will want my dual to contribute.

    Account Information.

    Server 4
    Rank: Top 15
    Tribe: Teuton
    Gameplay: Offensive
    Good cropper

    Please reply to…