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  • Dear Community,

    As you all realized, during the past weekend we had to face an unexpected situation that resulted in the 4.6 regional gameworlds being unplayable.

    We are deeply sorry about the whole situation, as we know it created a lot of
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    Replied to the thread Travian LAG.
    if you didn't had adequate infra, you shouldn't have merged servers so early!

    its really not happening! in every 2 minutes, need to wait at least once and the reload game ?(:cursing:
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    Replied to the thread Europe [NYS2021] Rumors from Europe x1.
    the way server is lagging, not sure how people gonna make timed attack <X
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    Game world information
    Game world: nysx5 (NYS America x5)
    Round: I (1)
    Travian Version: T4.5 Legends
    Map size: 401x401
    Speed: x5
    Troop speed: x2
    Artefacts setup: 25.01.2021, 17:00 UTC+1
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    Hello everyone,

    We want to let you know that we are closely monitoring the performance of Europe30 gameworld. We are aware that the lag issues continue mainly during peak hours and we will continue to work on them.

    The problem isn’t caused by the