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We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
📌 PTR is the acronym of Public Test Realm. PTRs are used to test patches before we release them to the public. Unlike standard game worlds, you’re one of the first people testing a new build which can often be unstable or otherwise non-functional. Accessing the PTR and reporting bugs is one of the biggest services you can provide ❤️

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  • Love the way some like now to dictate start dates,,,just as does not suit them,,,take it as normal will be the biggest mouths that decide,,,as so many not on forums,,,make a decision and stick by it,,,
    • Thank you for giving your opinion too.
      You can vote in the poll, and also express how you feel as a reply to my post on forum?
      We appreciate all voices.
  • Hi, in a recent change log you mentioned “Alliance member limit is no longer affected by Embassy level. It is always 60 members.” Does this mean a level 1 embassy can host 60 players?
    • Hello Adgee1
      Thank you for asking.
      Yes, but there is no change in the other demands.
      With level 1, you can accept an invitation to an alliance.
      But to create an alliance, you will need an embassy in level 3, as before.

      Kind regards,
  • Hey man how are you ? ;) I have a question, the finals server ended but i didn't get a link to transfer my gold ? ( I didn't delete my account btw ;) ). Thanks in advance and have a nice day !
  • Hello, why did the TG staff implement anti-spiking on the 5x server but not on the 3x server?
    • Hello Invoker
      You are welcome to have the discussion with me on pm.
  • Why was there a post removed on the rumours page of s8??
    • Hello
      We do not discuss posts that has been removed from any thread, I am sorry.
      This will be between the CM's and the user.
  • Are we going to open up Anglo 8s Rumour page anytime soon?
    • Hello The Byrrd
      We are trying to fix the issues with you not being able to reply to the thread.
      I will write back to you as soon as this is fixed.

      Kind regards,
  • hey sommer, the thing that I never won made me approach you with frustration as in why did you awarded -Hyperion-? He gave a wrong answer, you know...
  • How do I go about deleting my forum account as I no longer require it?
    • Hello The Lords of Midnight

      I am sorry you will delete, but the right way of deletion is this:
      Write an email to, and add all relevant information stated in the following

      Remember that you will not be able to restore the account after deletion.

      Kind regards,
    • Thank you.
  • before Angloshpere there was a spawning map for arties. As we now have a smaller map is there a new spawning map ?
    • Hello lodger
      I am sorry, but we have no information about a new spawning map.
  • hi

    I want to know what is the best for attacking & just attacking game & the strongest ?>??? to play with ^^

    HUNS or TEUTONS ????????

    please help me my dear^^^

    Im 1200 gold daily at least but now I stoped play to search for my best one TEUTONS or HUNS to play with^^^^^^^^^^^^ forever^^

    Nice to meet you

    my name is AGDYAN .. Russia^^
    • 1200 gold/daily. Thats literally 240 NPC+Insta a day. You might have problems.
  • Kjente behovet for å stalke deg litt i dag. ;)
    • Stalking er helt ok i dag :)
    • Skal forsøke å kontrollere mine impulser i morgen!
    • Hehe, ikke gjør det da. Det er jo såå kjedelig av deg ;)
    • Jeg skal henge rundt her litt til :D
    • Snart kommer en overraskelse på forum ;)
  • Hei. Vet du hvorfor vi ikke kan regge på enda? Den starter vel i morgen?
    • Hei Skippern
      Du kan ikke forhåndsregistrere på noen server lenger. Kun når serveren åpnes.
      Så du vil først kunne registrere deg i morgen.

      Med vennlig hilsen
  • Hei.:)
    Jeg fikk i dag melding i dag om at jeg var bannet. det stod riktig nok på finsk, men ble videresendt til travian answers, hvor det var flere alternativer til grund for baning. Den eneste grunden må vere at jeg hadde flere brukere (2).Dette er fordi første gangen jeg lagde bruker å skulle begynne, fikk jeg bare feilmeldinger, å forsøkte med å lage en ny konto, og det fungerte. (den første kontoen er ikke brukt) kan du hjelpe meg?. jeg får API feil, når jeg prøver å logget meg inn, og derfor ikke gjort dette slik det burde. Mvh Ts53
  • UK Downtime for Data base Switch - will there be a no starvation period?

    • Hello adgee
      Right now I have no more information. But I will ask as soon as there is anyone awake tomorrow, and I will give all information and updates I can on forum.
      I am so sorry for the late post.
      Kind regards,
  • Brother will kill brother
    Spilling blood across the land
    Killing for religion
    Something I don't understand
    Fools like me who cross the sea
    And come to foreign lands
    Ask the sheep for their beliefs
    "Do you kill on God's command?"
  • good job
    • Hello Aureus.
      I'm sorry, I don't know what you are talking about. Is there something special, could you please take it private, through Conversations?
      Best regards,
    • this applies to blocking of multi accounts
  • naber lan aq?
    • I do not understand Turkish. Can you please write to me in english?
    • If you scroll down a bit, you will find another Turkish post by him on your wall. The man is apparently very forgetful or plain dumb.
    • the man?
  • if the second quest is still current, the answer is (57|-117)
    • Hello PresidentMR06.
      Each contest had 24 hour to answer. After that 24 hours, I closed the thread, and a new thread/contest went public.
      Welcome back to the next contest on forum :)
  • how can the last contest end on 57/-117 when the text clearly says he enters a small Gaul village!? Playing us19 by the way
    • Hello Martin14th
      In the contest, that was the end coordinates. I do not understand your question. Would you please give me more details?
  • I believe I won at the day 2 forum contest on Norwegian domain, and just making sure as I dont believe I have recieved anythin through conversations yet :) Arch Enemy Norsk server3
  • Hello, i guess i won on the hero contest, i am on the account (Red Cloud Ts19) english server
    • Hello Mistafuzz
      You will get a pm. Check the word "Conversations" on top of the page in a few minutes.
      I can't give you the gold-voucher here on the wall.
      Best regards,
  • I have figured out to activate the account, but cannot figure out where to send the answers for the shu adventure. Help!
    • Hello swab
      Go in to the thread, find the button which says: Reply.
      Click the button, and pst the answer. You answer will be invisible until 10:00 GMT+2 the next day.
  • How does one activate an account? please
  • how can i send the answer for day 2 sorry i'm noob
    • Hello Jok
      There can be 2 "reasons".
      First, can I ask if you have activated your account?
      Next, if you have activated the account, if you go to the thread, can you see the Reply-button?
      The answers are invisible until they are moderated the next day. It's 10:00 GMT+2

      If none of them works, click on my name, and create a private conversation and I will help you further.
    • Ho i got it, thanks :D
    • Great, Jok, and welcome to Travians forum :)
  • Salve,ho un problema con la registrazione. faccio tutto ma non ricevo nessuna risposta. Ho cambiato anche la mail di registrazione niente. Non ricevo il link di registrazione sulla mail.
  • Rawr! <3
  • Hello can I have a beta key too? :o
    • Boo.
    • Hello Wolkenengel :)
    • Time for bed soon ma'am.
  • Can I have a beta key?
    • Hello EmilFraDK
      Find Conversations on top of the page, and write private to me, then we can see if there would be a chance.
      Or you could write private to Ridder Huma, CM for Denmark :)
    • He already received one.
  • Tak :)
    • Vær så god :)
    • Så den gal igen :/
    • Hele tiden, Lemon, hele tiden ;)
    • Var det også dig som fjernede dem som var i morges ved en 5-6 tiden? :D
  • Hei!
    Ha en fin dag. :D
    • Så flink du er til å skrive norsk :)
      Ha en fin dag du også :)
    • I bet you must be wondering what you're even reading in that thread. :P
    • No ;)