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  • SMile.. Can I join you next comx? Will do def account.. C'mon you gotta let me see the legendary Lemon Hammer :D
    • Ehm...Not sure I’m the right person to ask that...But feel free to add me on skype or discord.
    • I think i just added you :D
      Soul#3574 thats you right?

      Even if not in your alliance, let me stay close to you.. :D
    • Ehm no? My discord is in my title..Lemon#2508
    • okay master
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  • I love your new avatar :D :*
    • I love my avatar aswell!
  • Lemon is da cool kid, we all admire him cause he knows da wae
  • Your new profile picture is so cool
  • Hi Lemon, i love lemons.
    Do you wanna be friend in lemon?
  • have a great day! <3 <3
    • I did have a great day for sure!

      Hope you had a good day aswell ^^
  • What a formal lemon you've suddenly become again.
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  • Do U Know Da wae Brother?
    • No, I do not know da wae...I need kween to show me da wae.
    • @sph1nX is good KwEeN! :S
    • A male kween, you dont kno da wae!
    • Help me brother! I have lost da wae!!
  • Where's da kween?
    • Are you our queen??
  • you're a champion, sonny!
    • Tintin knows da wae
  • Happy new year! :)