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    Replied to the thread Com2 Server Breakdown/ OP Reports.
    (Quote from saya)

    This huge alliance with 5 players and 3 125%+ caps no less. You might as well all give up now.
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    Replied to the thread Day 44 leaders' views maps.
    (Quote from Loffe)

    Agreed. The nerve on people these days...
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    If people are interested we can use this thread to do periodic simple figure presentation of current affairs of Meta numbers and a gettermap representation.

    Also on OP days one concise report showing all attacks from one alliance rep (typically the…
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    Liked Ajax.’s post in the thread First to Settle!.
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    (Quote from Shadow_Fiend)

    I have never played a server where a guy with glad helmet settles first
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    Replied to the thread First to Settle!.
    (Quote from Midnight City)

    Having second village be decided by how many friends you have rather than how big of a wallet you have sounds like a much more preferable option actually. Terrible thought for TG though...