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  • Rolling out the raiding restriction will make many travian players very, very angry and you will most probably lose a large part of your loyal player base. Don't do it!
  • Hey, quick questions -

    You recently posted - "- Pushing protection limitation on raiding alliance members will be applied to all other players, even if they are not part of the same alliance. Loyalty decrease is now possible between alliance and confederation members. NAP still protects from conquering. "

    1) Will this effect ongoing servers also or only servers that are not yet started?
    2) What if microraiding was an essential part of feeding the hammer? Will the hammer now just starve?
    3) How is this actually going to stop tech raids? Does not add up.

    • Hello Sam,

      Thank you for your questions.

      Afaik, this update will apply on all servers, ongoing and new. I really don’t have any answers to your other questions.

      There are two threads on Anglosphere forum about this and you are welcome to give your feedback there:

      Release Sunflower 471.3, discussion thread:

      New patch: raiding restrictions:

      I am sorry that I don’t have any more answers right now.

      Kind regards,
  • Hello, recently you've updated a task list for Codex Victoria - but task list is incomplete: missing tasks for academy, smithy, barracks lvl 3, research unit, upgrade unit and etc. Can you please provide a full list with rewards ? thank you
    • Hello,
      Thank you for your question.
      As far as I know, the task list we provided for Travian: Codex Victoria is the complete list. We will ask the Game Center though, if something is missing or not.
      Kind regards,
    • Thank you - also, your given list said that there is reward for residence - although i've build residence in 2nd & 3rd villages (settled ones) - no reward. AAll my tasks are complete except all to 8 in spawn village and all to 7 in settled villages
    • Hello again,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      There might be differences from the Beta version and the final version. I will forward your experiences.
  • Hello, I no longer have access to the email account I used to set this forum account up with. Can someone behind the scenes change my email address link with this account please?
    • Hello,
      I sent you an answer via PM (conversations on the top right).
      Kind regards,
  • Hi how are you ? Whats up ?:D
    • Hello,
      I am just fine, thank you for asking. I hope everything is okay with you.
      Kind regards,
  • thank you for key :)
  • can i get a key please
    • Hello,
      Please, check PM (conversations).

      Kind regards,
  • Hello, I dont think I get registration key of closed beta. How I can get a key?
    • Hello Saku,

      Have you checked your PM (conversations) on top right side? I sent the key to you there.

      Kind regards,
  • Question, I heard that you can invite 60 members to the alliance as long as the Embassy is at least level 3. Is this correct and so why change that then folks dont have to build an embassy to level 20
    • Hello Peppery,

      Yes, it is correct, alliance member limit is no longer affected by embassy level. It is always 60 members. This was changed for servers starting after June 16, 2019.

      To build the embassy to level 20 is still a good way to get a lot of culture points and helps you to develope your account. To not have to build embassy level 20 is good in the beginning, when you don't have so much resources.

      Kind regards,
  • and there are many other options you can offer legal things that would make the game easier and more interesting
    • Gold, duals, a good alliance
    • A common sense of how the game works as well.
  • I have posted this but it didn't show any response people have seen it but no comment i believe it will make the game more interesting please read it thanks in advance.

    hello everyone
    first to build 15c is a nightmare it takes a lot of time and effort solution can be like this offer the ability to buy resources and have fun with having 15c and there can be a new village called mini capital its job is like a supplier of resources resources levels can go up to maximum level 20 for all but it cant train army this also could be in exchange of few dollars or gold since this is paid give it an option that in can not be attacked to increase the competitiveness in being attacker and defender easy coming back

    the resource purchase can be a new club like gold club

    and may be make resources purchase available also to boost start ups and coming back after a strong attack

    and also if this club exist sometime put an option that a player can withdraw resources from other villages to a certain village to upgrade building or train troops better than doing many steps to send actual merchant and calculate the needed amount

    and if you want to make the game better and more competitiveness you can sell the top hero equipment in a store and prevent them form showing early, mid game

    and also make trade routes like farm list I can remove it with one click since WW need different crop every level the troops amount increases every once in a while it is hard to remove every route one by one and I can make a route list and name it on my need like wood for certain village iron for another etc
    even to make the game more interesting when it comes to artefacts the great one will be much harder to obtain but once a player do it will share with the whole alliance for example I obtain it other players in my alliance will have the ability to activate it if they have treasury level 20 and in exchange of gold and once it is activated the whole account will be affected everyone has have fun with artefact

    the small will harder to obtain that it is now the same logic applies alliance member can activate it but the affect is only for chosen village and also it will be in exchange of gold this will be a chance to be game more competitiveness and more fun only big players who gets the chance to enjoy those affects

    and one alliance can not obtain more than one of the same artefact doesn't matter small or great

    this will also allow smaller alliances to have their chance in the game
    • Hello Ka3bool

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      I will send you an answer via PM.

      Kind regards,
  • Hi, the link for Anglo 2 does not work ?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi!

      Thank you for writing to me.

      The server is not set up yet, therefore the link does not work. Once the server is set up, I expect the link to work. I have been told that the server will be set up by the SysAdmins in the next few days.

      Kind regards,
  • Boo.
    • Bää.
    • Are we sheep? Or is that a Swedish ghost? :p
    • We are sheep!
      Swedish ghost: Buuu
  • Hi

    how are you

    I wish to reconsider the private farms
    There are some addicts who delete farms directly and this is unfair

    Because a hammer can not be extracted by producing the same account

    I would like to review the law 1.1
    • Hello,

      I answered to your PM.

      Kind regards,
  • why you don't answer ?
  • when you want to update new version 3 template for servers? look this pic backgournd

    and how can i be in your developer team ?
    • Hello weakteam.

      Thank you for your message.

      I will write PM to you via conversations on the forum.

      If you want to be in our developer team, you are welcome to apply for the jobs that are available in Travian Games. You can find information about that here:

      Kind regards,
  • Hello when can we expect results in regards to the recent poll that ended on May 6th?
    • Hello Invoker,

      the information I have, is that the result will be presented at the end of May.
      I am very curious of the results!

      Kind regards,
    • Thank you for your quick reply.
  • Nice pic, we can finally see the whole sword. May I say "finally !" ?
  • Really good with the new features on trading routes!

    What I miss is to be able to choose save plunderings in reports. Right now I have over 3K reports on looting. I have no use of reading them.

    What I propose is that you should be able to choose in settings how many days they should be saved.

    Alternatively, with simple button presses to remove them all.

    It would also save computer power when millions of reports that no one reads disappear.

    Anders the swed
    • Hej Anders!

      Jag chansar på att "the swed" förstår svenska. ;)

      Tack för ditt förslag. Kul att du gillar den nya funktionen för att skapa handelsvägar! Jag tror att det kommer att underlätta en hel del.

      Rapporter: Jag kan hålla med om att det skulle behövas en förändring eller något filter för rapporter.
      På Anglosphere har denna tråd startats ang. detta:…-report-filter-for-raids/

      Dela gärna dina synpunkter och försök få igång en diskussion ang. detta. Med flera personer som vill ha en förändring, är det lättare att ta upp det med spelutvecklarna. Då den tråden ligger på Anglosphere, så behöver du skriva på engelska.

      Med vänliga hälsningar
  • You've missed me so muchh :( :(

    No more maintenance pls
    • Forum went down again before I could answer you. :(

      Of couse I’ve missed you! Hopefully there won’t be any maintenance for a long time now.
    • <3
    • No more maintenance ? :fear:
    • Not that I am aware of! *fingers crossed*
  • I just had to try and watch an advert 23 times without the construction order beginning.

    Some paused at the start.
    Some had a small ad at the bottom which I left open for 15 seconds.
    Some played a full advert.

    Now there are no numbers coming up in the top left at all.
    • Hello,

      this really needs to be reported ingame to Multihunter. I cannot report it, because I am forum staff. If it is reported ingame, the tech team/developers/marketing team can check it better, because they get server, account name and so on.

      I am sorry that I cannot help you in any other way and I do understand that you are disappointed when the adverts don’t work for you as they are supposed to do.

      Please, report it ingame.

      Kind regards,
  • Just wasted another 20 minutes watching your adverts for nothing.
    • Hi,

      I am sorry to hear that the adverts don't work.

      Could you please report this ingame to the Multihunter. When the ad starts, there is numbers in the top left corner of the ad screen, give those numbers to the Multihunter. That way, they are able to report this to the marketing department and hopefully it will be fixed.

      Kind regards,
    • It makes no difference. I have been giving the MH advert numbers for years.

      Why don't the Travian team just make sure that they are not ripping their customers off all on their own?
  • Hello..I was checking into forum today and realized I had won 50 gold on the valentines card contest but I dint recall getting my voucher to claim it. How do i do that?...
    • Hello JulesWinnfield,
      thank you for your message.

      I wrote an PM to you, via conversations on top of this page, on Feb 17th 2019. There are your gold voucher.
      I wrote an comment in that conversation now, so you should have an notification now.

      If you still don't find it, please contact me again.

      Kind regards,
  • How to Direct message I want to participate in the event... I don't know where to post response. just made this forum account so I am kinda 10/10 new TTVKaisaLeader is my name US-EN is my Language thank you for your help
    • the contest forum is LOCKED, and no option to REPLY to the thread. Its the only reason I ask. I feel really stupid right now as I click on the "to participate in this contest reply to THIS THREAD" and there are NO areas for me to reply.....
    • Hello TTVkaisaLeader,

      You are on the US thread. We only want answers to one thread, and it is the one on UK.
      The words "this thread" should be a link to the UK thread, and that thread is open for answers.

      To see all anglosphere threads, you need to go to your settings and check the boxes for US, UK and AU. We will soon get one Anglosphere language pack.

      I hope you get it to work and good luck in the contest!

      Kind regards,
  • Hello, do you know the way to get in touch with the MH quickly? Since It is the very important time to get the second village in the 20 server. I jsut bought 2000 gold then I am baned? Why? I have registed other two account but never played on it with 4 population and have deleted them. It make me feel crazy to wait and could not do anything with my account
    • Hello,
      the fastest, and only, way is to write to Multihunter ingame.
      They will answer you as quick they can.

      Unfortunately, we cannot do anything on forum to help you ingame.

      Kind regards,
    • So how often do they usually check? I have waited for 3 hour and no one answer me. I think there should be some particular person in charge for that and check all the information frequently especially at the beginning of the game. I have paid for the game and I hope to get the same service.
  • Hello there, I wish to close/delete my forum account, how would I go about this?
    • Hello,

      I am sorry to hear that yoy want to delete your forum account.

      To do so, you have to write to and ask to have your forum account deleted. Make sure you write from the email address that your forum account is registered on.

      Kind regards,
  • Hey, I tried to use a Gold Transfer link from last com29, but it always shows "We cannot direct you to the requested web page at this time. Please try again." What should I do?
    • Hello,
      thank you for your message.

      First of all, you can only transfer gold within the same domain. This means that if you played on .com you can transfer the gold to another .com server. If you played on uk/us/au/anglosphere server, you can transfer the gold to another uk/us/au/anglosphere server.

      If the gold transfer link doesn’t work, you have to write to plus on the domain you played on. For uk/us/au/anglosphere, please write to

      Remember to write from the email address that you got the gold transfer link to, and it can be a good idea to forward the email with the gold transfer link to plus.
      Tell plus what the issue is, and they will hopefully be able to help you.

      Kind regards,
    • Thanks for your kind reply. I played on com29, so which Email address I should write to?
    • Hello again!
      If you played on .com-server, you should write to

      Kind regards,
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  • hi

    I want to know what is the best for attacking & just attacking game & the strongest ?>??? to play with

    HUNS or TEUTONS ????????

    please help me my dear^^^

    Im 1200 gold daily at least but now I stoped play to search for my best one TEUTONS or HUNS to play with^^^^^^^^^^^^ forever^^

    Nice to meet you

    my name is AGDYAN .. Russia^^
    • Read the reply in your thread.
  • Hello , a friend of mine gave me a gold link in June 2018 but when i try clicking on it . the link is not being open and its redirecting me to travian com home page.. My friend have left travian and i have no way to contact him and i really need that remaining gold . i can provide you my friend email address and the email he received .
    please help
    • Hello,

      I have answered you via conversations.

      Kind regards,