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  • where's Stellamaxi?
  • Hey! I was told to ask community manager when I requested 2x speed server. Basically for me it doesnt matter if it's one of the new special servers or original travian, aslong as it's 2x speed. I guess 3x speed would be fine aswell for the new gamemode but it seems there arent any nordic / europe servers planned (checking from the trello community thingy).

    So, any chance for a 2x speed server anytime soon? 1x speed is too slow!
  • Hi, can you tell me if there will be a restart of the codex victoria 2x servers?
    • Hi Luriele,

      The Codex Victoria servers were annual special servers and will not start again.
      However, this year's annual special, Travian Shadow Empires, will start in the middle of September and it is similar to Codex Victoria, with no WW but regions and victory points. Some new things are added, like Factions.
      You can read more about it in the Shadow Empires section on forum:

      Kind regards,
  • Hey - 25.8.2020 a new nordic server is going to open, but there is basically no information about it yet. Is it 3 tribes? 5 tribes? Is it nordic 5 or something else?

    Could you guys please update the info already - we are hyped to start playing again!
    • Hi Vaara,
      Thank you for contacting me.

      I am happy to hear you want to play and I am In fact doing the announcement right now. I am just checking some dates.

      Kind regards,
  • Hello, I wanted to know if today you will send the gold :D
    • Hi there,
      Yes, I will send out the gold vouchers when I get home so maybe in 1-2 hours.'
      Kind regards,
    • oh,okey,thank
  • Why Community manager does it interfere to gameworld? This question is not for you. I'm asking in general.
    • Hi Nicholai Hel,
      I will write you a PM so we can talk there instead.
      Kind regards,
  • Rude
  • Hi when will the hide and seek gold be sent please

    Thank you
    • Hello,
      I will send out the vouchers later today/tonight.
      Kind regards,
    • Thanks
  • Hey, I saw, that I won an adventure in hide&seek task, when will it spawn?
    • Hi,
      I am going to add it within the next hour.
      Kind regards,
  • I asked a question in the forums about when second level equipment for level 2 and 3 and it was not answered this is for 2x codex could you please answere this for me
  • Hi. I was called out as one of the winners for 'Book of Wisdom #4 – Reading Between the Lines'. No rush, but was wondering when the vouchers are likely to be sent out. Thanks
    • Hello!
      I have sent you the gold voucher via PM (conversations).
      Kind regards,
  • Hi! I was selected as a day 3 winner of the quest. But i haven't recieved a voucher yet!
    • Hi!
      I will be sending out the vouchers tonight. I am sorry for the delay.
      Kind regards,
  • Hi! Where can i find the final results for "Marcella - The place to be"?
  • why did codex victoria 2x start already? it supposed to start tomorrow 16th?
    • Hello,

      It was the com - international server that started today.
      The Anglosphere game world will start tomorrow.

      Kind regards,
  • Ciao there Stellamini

    Regarding my answer about the book of wisdom, did i win anything?
    Thank you for your kind understaning with this delicate matter
    Best regards Felix

    Have a luvly day there
    • Hi crazy teuton,

      Unfortunately, you were not one of the winners in the Book of Wisdom 3. You can find the winners here:…ostID=8043602#post8043602

      We are planning to have more forum contests, so stay tuned, maybe your are one of the winners next time?!

      Have a great day and stay safe.

      Kind regards,
    • Ok fair play.
      But dont you think its a good idea that all the players that joined the contest to receive a msg with the corect answer, and also a little prize, whatever that might be. Si it can be sort of a stimulator to encourage players to take part in further contests?!
      Thank you and
      Best regards Felix
      Have luvly day Stella
    • Hello Felix,

      Thank you for your suggestions!
      It is unfortunately not possible for me to send messages to all participants in a forum contest. What I do is I write a post in the thread where the winners are announced. I tag every winner and I send a PM to the winners with the gold voucher.
      About the prizes: We do increase the amount of prizes if there are a lot of participants. I can bring this up with my team leads, but I cannot promise anything. We get a lot of suggestions and sadly we cannot make every wish come true.

      Stay safe!
      Kind regards,
  • Hi all Hi...i am from india... available as dual.for 10x upcoming speed server only ......but can't spend gold..
    Experienced player above 10+ yrs...if interested kindly skype on
  • Hi, i was wondering where can i post something about dualling? it seems thread had been archived?
    • Hello,
      You can start a thread in the section for the game world you are playing on. That way you can get in contact with players on the same game world.

      Kind regards,
    • What if I'm looking for different country dual, there wont be a dedicated forum for that like it used to?
      Many Thanks
  • How i change avatar? my upload is not woking
  • hi, just wondering when and how i can find out when the next codex starts, i'm having trouble finding out any information, thank you :)
    • Hi,

      There is unfortunately no information yet if there will be a new Codex Victoria this year or not.

      In our Community Calendar: you can find the planned server starts. There is also a link to the Community Calendar on top of this page.
      When we know more about what server will be started, we announce it under Server information here on forum:

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
    • thank you very much :)
    • We are waiting, A whole bunch of have organized to start the next codex. I've built farms on other servers waiting for gold sales to buy, then delete to transfer to server start. PLEASE say there will bwe another codex. Never ever playing WW or 3 tribe again
    • Hello,
      I can make you happy by telling you there will start a new Codex Victoria in April. As far as I know, it will be in speed x2.
      More information will soon be posted on forum.
  • Sleep Stella, it's still early.
  • Hi Stellamini,

    I wanna ask about special feature of anglosphere server.
    one of special feature is "Hero regain full health at level up"
    why my hero still died after level up? it's a bug?

    this is not the first time. It happened at Path To Pandora server as well.
    but if without helm of awareness, everything is working. Hero regain full health at level up.
    whats wrong with helm of awareness????
    Hope you will answer my question.
    • Hello Raden,

      Thank you for your questions.

      The hero will not regain full health if he dies. If he survives the battle and levels up, he will regain full health though.
      If you want us to look further into this, please write to support in-game. Then you can also include links to specific reports, which makes it easier to check.

      Kind regards,
    • thank you Stella,
  • Boo
  • Dont you have a backup from today on com2???
  • You need to push for a rollback on Anglo 2. We are a day away from artefacts and we have lost two players ?
  • No Rollback! It's jsut bad because it will affect everything while nothing really changed. Just make the accounts who got deleted back looking at your backups.
  • I don't think that this works out so well , for
    1) we are in full endgame ( wws at high level )
    2) we had attacks landing on ww + arties this morning at 9am/10am

    now the others will know :
    what we sent, where we sent
    They can decide to wall with proper numbers
    they can avoid losing one arty
    and they get no starvation on top of it

    can we discuss this ? because this rollback just ruins our best effort and at this point what did we waste time and money here for ?
  • Is codex Nordics on the list
  • Hi, I was one of the winners of the third Marcela riddle. When can I expect to receive the gold voucher, and will it be sent in-game?
    • Hi austin_316,

      I will send them out today and they will be sent via PM here on forum (conversations on the top right).
      I am sorry for the delay.

      Kind regards,
  • Hi, during the first Marcela riddle I posted an answer but forgot to add a nickname and a server. Can I still claim my answer if it gets picked?
    • Hello,
      No worries, since I usually remind you under the task to state nick and server played in the answer but forgot it this time, I will be kind. ;)

      Kind regards,
  • Greetings.. Are you viking ?
    • Hello,
      Well... I am from Sweden, am I a viking then?
      Kind regards
    • According to the saga of the Aesir .....they origionally migrated from cananite N. Lebanon .
      L i k n e s on Karmoy Island Norway, was Harald Harfagre's estate.
      L i ci n iou s the Etruscain fought Constatine in 320-324 AD over Norse and Greek mythology NOT being included with the Paulist mythology by the Nicean councils.
      L a cho n eou s from the Mormon Bible like Licinios led 6 kings when the sons of light fought the sons of dark with the same dates given
      V i ki n g s (6 kings) in Etruscain.

      ALL the above translations are done using Yiddish where any vowel can be replaced by an other or goup of vowels,C, CH. and K are interchangeable, the etruscain l is a reverse check mark/V and eou is a G. The sage of the Aesir has now been confirmed by DNA as being an actual migration route. Unfortunately it is also considerd to be the migration route of scitzophrenis which makes sense when the description of beserkers are considerd. A good Viking warrior goes to Valhalla when he dies and gets to drink meade and party with the women folk.

      Val is the term used to describe a warrior sprite from a woodland village who drinks meade with the women folk.
      A woodland village was a village without its own church that had to rely on travelling preachers for religious instruction.
      PRIOR to 320 A.D. the precurser to the Muslim religion from the (IRANIAN) Sasanian Empire had already reached the Scandanavian countries.
      When Licinious was defeated by Constanines mercenaries in 324 A.D. Constantine commissioned 50 copies of a biblios and gave it each of his Nicine accepted Churches.
      Years later the Catholic Church believed they had the only remaining copy of the commissioned book BUT another was found in modern day Turkey which had two additional books from that of the copy the Church had.
      One extra book (The Biblious of Barnabus) states that when the Messiah is reborn his name will be Mohameed.
      This appears to have resulted in the Catholic Church origional description of 666 being the often debated age of Christ being 36 instead of 33 and 630 when the Muslim religion is deemed to have originated after Mohameed had been to both Mecca and Medina (36 plus 630 = 666). It has also caused the Church to insist the biblious found in Turkey to be a fake. (Without submitting their own copy to scrutiny.)

      I am not Mormon , I am not Muslim, I am a hobbyist lingustics translator.

      The origional jewish religion separated and spun off two differrent idiologies; the Catholics who state that their bibles must be accepted on faith and the Agnostics who believed
      it was neccessary to historically prove the validity of the myths. The Agnoctics became the Muslims. The Protestants broke from the Catholics.

      Amazingly the Catholics are the ones who use the term heresy (hear say) to describe other religions.
      Valhalla when read right to left in Etruscain is Allah(s) Lav.

      All mentioned religions have the same origional prophets who "heard the voice of God" and talked to burning bushes ....both classic scitzophrnic behavior traits.
      40 percent of the populations of Europe and N. America have scitzoid related ailments. Those include Downs syndrome, ADHD, ADD, OCD, Parkinsons, terrets, Manic depressive , bi-polarism, and the first ever diagnosed forms....Alzheimers and dementia.
    • While offensive to some the above is ment to inform and provoke discussion, rather than denegrate any ones religious beliefs.
    • L i k n e s on Karmoy Island Norway, was Harald Harfagre's estate.
      L i ci n iou s the Etruscain fought Constatine in 320-324 AD over Norse and Greek mythology NOT being included with the Paulist mythology by the Nicean councils.
      L a cho n eou s from the Mormon Bible like Licinios led 6 kings when the sons of light fought the sons of dark with the same dates given.
      V i ki n g s (6 kings) in Etruscain. eou= g