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  • hi can i speak you in private?
  • Hi

    how are you

    I wish to reconsider the private farms
    There are some addicts who delete farms directly and this is unfair

    Because a hammer can not be extracted by producing the same account

    I would like to review the law 1.1
  • Hi, my reply to the ultimate battle episode 4 is disabled? I've registered more than 48 hours ago so why is my comment still not public? I spent time on the puzzle so I really want my answer to be considered tomorrow, thanks.
  • hi. how i can replay answer of Ultimate Battle – Episode 4: The Meeting?
    • All new registered users are being reviewed as one of the ways to combat spambots. You will be able to post within 48 hours.
    • So does that mean the new users will have to post again after 48 hours?
  • Hello,

    I would like to make a formal complaint about one of your moderators, his nickname is "playingwithfire". He moderates the Path to Pandora forum and he has been moderating it in a bad way.

    Let me explain to you the issue, a couple of months ago I posted a comment in the forum, half of that was in English and another half as in Spanish as almost half of the players in that server are coming from a Spanish-speaking server. Out of nowhere, this moderator started to delete my comments due to being in "two different languages". Well, I didn't care much about it so I put another comment but this time the MAJORITY of the comment was in ENGLISH and just 1 sentence was in Spanish as a cool reference for my fellow Spanish-speaker players. Guess what? it was censored and deleted.
    He even deleted responses to the comment...

    It is clear that this type of moderators ruins the experience of the game by moderating in this way. I even went beyond and explain to him how things work in our Spanish-speaker forums where we respect players from different nationalities. If an Italian or Portuguese player makes a comment in their own language our Moderators don't go against him and delete their post with a lame excuse that says "only Spanish comments are allowed." The Moderatos there know that this is a big community and sometimes players from different domains come and join us to have a great time playing this great game. Players even go as far as translating the comments and responding to them or even just responding them in Italian or Portuguese the very best they can to include them in the community. I believe that it is a shame how you guys treat people here in the .COM community forcing them to post only in English, not even a sentence or a word in Spanish.

    Please go and check the forum, you will find that even the slightest sentence in Spanish is deleted, even if the whole comment is in English.
    Take as for example the comment made by Kamikaze Enric_ES or by me where we put just 1 sentence in Spanish out of 12 sentences in English and his BAD MODERATOR deleted them both.

    Lastly, please take into considerating how much harm this type of Moderator and their "rules" are doing to this game. You can have a look at Spanish-speaker forums to see that I am not lying and while you're there check the number of people involved in the forum on each server. You will be surprised to see that people interact more in those servers while here in the .com, more specifically in the "Path to pandora forum" the lack of players posting comments is huge.

    Best regards,
  • Have you read your private messages?
  • Hi, I would like to join the paint contest, however, I can't find the way the upload or write anything in the post. Can you please help?
  • Hi, I'd like to enter the contest, but cant find a "reply" or post button anywhere? help please.
  • MaoDah

    Is this how i submit my masterpiece?
  • dongsongmaicho
    i cant replay post in ms paint contest
  • hi, i cant replay post in ms paint contest :( , am i blind or i need help?
  • OK I'm sorry i have to use this so communicate to the team but icant find any help or support ling and i can't even find a Create a topic button on the forum. I hate whining with my 1st post, this this is killing me and the only reason why im still around is becouse i hate not figuring things out. This forum (and the game) are realy not intuitive at all. The porblem i have is not being able to steal resourses from other players. I keep sending attacks and the army keeps "visiting" the city. When i try and type out the game of the city (even copypasta doesnt work) the search says No matches found. Can you please for the love of god explain to me how the hell am i supposed to attack any1 in this game??

    P.S. When you register to the game a forum account should be created imo.
    • Hi,

      On some domians, there are currently easter truces, so you can not attack, only give greetings. COM dosnt have easter truce.
  • Greetings, I have the answer to the challenge but I can not upload the answer, please help me so I can upload the answer.
  • Ummm where do you submit the puzzle pic and answer? :\
  • "Download zip archive where you find every piece as separate file."
    There is no link for such archive.
  • You must be an apprentice of Templar Knight, because you sure have the habit of deleting posts that you personally don't like.
  • Hello, I have a question, on the server Pandora Com (ts20) will there be a truce in Easter?
  • Hello.

    I'd like my forum acc deleted, no questions asked, no delaying, thank you.
  • "The NPC button is now enabled even without a marketplace"

    We loose a tactical edge of destroying a marketplace right ? You should not be able to NPC without a market correct?
  • When player detele, how to determine his main village, if he have both main off villages with high populations and very high income captital, which one will natars capture ? And there are cases that no villages captured by natars. Then what exactly way natars capture when player delete ?
    Very best regards
  • What should we do, if multihunter doesn't response. I am from PTP ts20
  • Nevermind
  • Hey min ven :)
    Kan du huske hvornår DKX startede?
    Vi kan jo desværre ikke se det i HOF.

    Derudover så håber jeg du har det vel og alt er super fint med dig og dine :)

  • Hello Rider Huma
    just one question, I am playing the Path to Pandora X2 ,com

    I know there are no natars villages, and they are not suppose to exist there
    but how can one get - Raid/attack a Natarian village + ‭‭0‬/‭9‬‬ - daily quest fulfilled ?
    Very best regards
    • When player deletes, their (if I remember correct) main village will turn into a Natarian village. So in a sense they still exist to some degree.
    • That is what I thought... thank you for your time.
  • I have an issue, I cannot transfer golds from ts29.travian.com to ts80.travian.com, support says gold transfer is disabled, but I want my 1226 gold back. How can I have them?
    • It's not possible to transfer gold to or from the PTR game world.
    • I bought them on a special server (NYS), so why I cannot transfer to another special? It's not mentioned on the mail I received. They said I could transfer to another .com and ts80 is .com. From special to special I don't see the problem. Or is it why you want us to spend more money? I also recall you that Travian GMBH is a german company and Germany is a Country in EU and for the rules of free circulation between European Countries of people and money, you cannot apply this to an European citizen living in Europe. I also recall you that Great Britain is still in Europe and the Brexit will be next month.
    • PTR is a test game world, not a special. It's also written in this wbb.forum.travian.com/index.ph…tr-x-restart-information/, that gold can not be transfered to or from.
  • Hi.. I have another post to share about valentine.. could I share it
  • Hello, I want also to report one bug on the map (in Speed server .com). On coordinates (89/30) is showing that there is a crop oasis, but when I press on it it is showing me a village of a player: SSc...
    Please fix this
    • Fields on coordiantes (88|30), (88|31) and (89|31) are crop oasis. The coordinate (89|30) is occupied by a village.
  • Hej, ved du hvornår på dagen artefakter bliver løsladt, samt om der snart kommer info omkring det på nordic 6? Der er under en uge til at de skulle komme frem.
    • Det burde være kl. 15, men af et eller anden grund er det på nordics6 sat til kl. 3.

      En ticket er blevet sendt, men da det er weekend, finder vi først mandag ud af om det bliver rettet eller ej.
  • hi

    I want to know what is the best for attacking & just attacking game & the strongest ?>??? to play with

    HUNS or TEUTONS ????????

    please help me my dear^^^

    Im 1200 gold daily at least but now I stoped play to search for my best one TEUTONS or HUNS to play with^^^^^^^^^^^^ forever^^

    Nice to meet you

    my name is AGDYAN .. Russia^^