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  • For the contest, we only had to reply the answer?
  • what is the right answer (Day 5 – The Time Has Come) ?
    and how take the prize if i win ?
  • Day 2 – The Sleeping Cat ..... NO one is looking to my answer again :( :(
    • All posts in our contest is moderated, so it can not be seen by other participants.
    • okey, I dont know this thanks :)
  • Day 1 – The Head of Manticore ---- I sent an answer for this, but no one look at my answer :(
    • All posts in our contest is moderated, so it can not be seen by other participants.
  • Your post on the update said that changes to the farm list can be found here. There is no link.
  • Hey Huma, long time no see, how far is the speed server currently? and you got any estimate to when ur gonna reset it? i miss playing damnit! :D
  • I don't know why, but i can not anymore reply to Play like a pro contest, so i will write all advice at once /
    numbered, if is ok...
  • Hi
    I think that Alexander, Markus, Alexander, Patricia, Klaudius is the only correct answer to the book of wisdom episode 6 quiz
    Klaudius, Markus, Alexander, Patricia, Alexander is not correct because if Markus and Patricia were standing next to each other in places 3 and 4 then the order would be
    Klaudius, Alexander, Markus, Patricia, Alexander which is not correct because Alexander is not standing next to his namesake
    So Klaudius can't be standing on the left edge. He is standing on the right edge

    In my opinion there should be a new list of winners

    Thank you for your time
  • allia
    they escape toVeio
    other went back to rome
  • Hi! Is this where I can send my answer to the History Quiz. Sorry am just new here.
    • You must post in the contest, all answers is moderated.
  • 19
  • When will the new server start?
  • hi, when will the new gold pack be in effect?
  • how come I can't write a message here on the forum, under Victory speech Nordics x round 5 - SEB, it's over 5 hrs ago I wrote it and it's still says "Disabled" This post will remain inaccessible for others until approved by a moderator. there is no bad words in there....
  • My brother cant get his account log on to the EuropeX10 server. Says his account is created but it not. IGN Nathentis
    • Please write to Game Support, as only they can help him with the issue.
  • Hello when will there come a Weekend Promo for nordic servers again when there has not been any for a while and there has now starter 2 new servers and still not a Promo...
    • When there is a promo, it will be announced.
  • Ey dude...!
    Com2 remember, was won by the Ten/Gunners supercombo, right?
    So do correct the headline <<<COM2: Won by TEN Y (November 2019 - May 2020)>>>if you please!
    Gracias, danken, ty...
    • It was won by TEN Y, as shown in the WW list, the one you wrote is the name of the WW.
    • Listen you Mr. righteous hun... you louse... you headlining fake news propagandist.
      It was won by both! Confederation right?
      Now do the right thing, if you please;)
  • I have a question about the new hero stuff
    you write
    The Hero will regain their full health at level up.
    does this mean that if the hero dies on an attack but levels up his health goes still to 100?
    a couple of numbers for an example
    hero helth = 5%
    hero exp = 999
    hero exp till next level = 1000
    attack happens
    hero looses 6% health
    hero gains 2 exp

    what is the resulting hero health?
    according to your statement since it levels up it would be 100
    or is there an exception when he dies?
    (I dont play codex servers so I can't try it out)
    • Hero dies but levels up, you have to revive hero
    • thanks
      I thought so otherwise this would be quite broken
      but as he put it it was not clear
  • Do you get culture points in villages built on the map where half is natars and half the normal green?
    • Villages settled in the grey area will not produce culture points.
  • Hi. When would com 2 expect restart so after ww 100 would that then be around September or you making sooner
    • com2 is still ongoing, and com3 is starting in two days.
  • Hi
    When will be anounced wiiners of Hero Adventures ?
    I mean the major one who have answered 2 of 3
  • la respuesta es 39
  • Hi Ridder Huma regarding the day 2 quest there could be multiple answers for that. Like mine was 45 too but you just said that there was one answer


    13x3 = 39
    39+11= 50
    50-9 = 41
    • I never said there where only one answer, but gave one possible solution and wrote OR if as long it becomes 45 with the provided numbers and allowed math signs.
    • oh okay sorry i misinterpreted
  • dear sir or madam,
    how do you choose the winners? my answer was right but my name is not in 15 winners.
  • wbb.forum.travian.com/index.ph…m-xvx2-start-information/

    Info page says Server Start is 13:00 but actual login page says server start is at 11:00.

    That's kind of a big deal. One of the clocks is wrong and needs fixed.

  • Hello, I’m Abby
    May I ask some question of XV server that will be opened in a week.
    First, what’s the order of the task?
    The warehouse7 granary 7 is before or after resident10?
    Second, what will be the reward of Resident 10? Have heard about two kinds of answer, 800 and 500.(also for the change village name.
    Third, if I didn’t finish any task from spawning economy task, can I still finish the task resident 10?

    Thanks a lot!
    • By the way, is level 8 all in new village before or after the task resident 10?
  • Where can I answer at Hero Adventures Day 1: Marcella - The Rescue Plan?
    • yes where ???!!!!
    • as @Ridder Huma says: "Post in the contest. All posts are moderated and cant be seen by other users."
  • Are all four gameworlds part of the .com domain? (can we transfer gold to another .com domain once finished?)
  • I'd like to ask, I already bough 200 gold on plx3 server, my question is if I delete this account will I recieve a code for gold, which I bought and can I use it in another server
  • La embajada se ha de subir todos los niveles o ya con el nivel 3 entraran los 60 jugadores? en tx10.mena.travian.com
    • By guessing what language you used, I think the answer to your question is: The maximum of members got changed, so it is no longer depending on the level of the embassy, so you can have 60 members no matter the level the embassy is.