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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • Hi

    Is there a problem with gold buying at this moment. Wondering because it wont load the gold page, or is it just for me :D
    • Hi, yes there have been issues today so it is not just you. Thank you for your patience while we get it fixed and running again.
  • Hi
    Task list for Codex Victoria, is that in right order? The one in beta version doesn´t work at all and I want to plan for the release of the ordinary servers in September.
    In settled village, do you have to get the residence to 10 before you can get the rewards from warehouse 7 and granary 7?
    • Hey :)

      The row you must be talking about says this:

      Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 10 -> 500 CP
    • And the tasks come in order in each category, yes :)

      After picking the 500 CP, you can advance to the next task on the list.
    • Thanks for the answear! I was first with 20 000 CP on beta mostly cause I didnt build any resource fields and put everything into CP buildings, have to calculate if its worth to build all fields to 8 and get those 500 CP when the real servers starts.
    • You know that the Task list is very unbalanced, for example its much better to use the resources for lvl 8 fields for parties, it will cost less to get 500 CP from parties then from the fields.
      And if ur answear is that you get resources from the fields, it takes to long time before the production has payed of the resources building the fields.
      The res to 10 and get 500 CP reward has always been so that players can get next village faster. In this advance starts if you go for those 500 CP you are actually slowing yourself down.
      Is there any talks about changing the Task list until real start or is it going to be the same?
    • Please use this thread for feedback, wishes and questions:…96-q-a-discussion-thread/
  • What is the second penalty for multiple accounts?
    • Hi Salidray, it may depend on the size of the account and is not worth taking the risk. That is all I can say :D
  • Ehm, the midsummer truce.. At the forum it says, it ends 9 am monday, but in the in game news it says 7 pm. Which one is correct?
    • Hi Andersph and thank you for noticing the typo in Danish infobox! It's fixed now from 19 to 09. Truce will end 9 am gmt+2
    • Thanks. One more question.. :D
      "After Truce:
      Troops will not starve for 24 hours even if the silos are empty. Once your troops do need food, be sure they have enough food ready in their village!"
      Does this mean we can actually let troops be without providing food for them for one day extra? So they don't starve till 25. of june at 9 am gmt +2
  • Terve taas! Nyt pitää ihan kysyä onko tuo tuleva path to pandora millainen serveri,
    Eli onko maailmanihme serveri kun jotenkin oletin että tuo olis pistelaskuserveri
  • Terve! Löytyykö tuon egyptiläisten vesilaitoksen rakennuskustannuksia mistään oppaasta?
  • Joulurauha on tulossa, ihan hyvä niin, mutta sitä ihmettelin että miksiköhän se loppuu keskellä Tapaninpäivää kun on jouluvierailut ja paluuliikenne kiivaimmillaan, vai olisiko tuossa loppumisajassa vielä viilaamista.
    • Morjens Humvaakku. Joulurauha noudattaa nyt samaa aikaa kaikissa Pohjoismaissa, ja samoin tästä eteenpäin. Tulevien rauhojen kanssa voidaan kuitenkin tehdä uusia suunnitelmia, ja otan toiveita vastaan. Tämän vuoden joulurauha ollaan jo sovittu :)
  • hi dear
    Please provide pre-registration options on servers
  • Sain arvonimen, voisin olla Vandaali.
    Vandaalit oli kovia jätkiä, kyykytti Roomaa:

    ps. mää sitten voitin kultaa, epäilin jo hetken, että arpanoppanne on rikki. Kiitos.
    • Hyvä valinta :)
      Ja onnittelut vielä voitosta!
  • A Roman and a Teuton were sitting in a bar ...waiting for a Gaul to finish the joke
    • Nice joke there. ^^