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  • openminds85_COM

    Replied to the thread Nomination: Stand out 2019.
    14 baby seals.
    Go Seals.
  • openminds85_COM

    Replied to the thread Com1 Restart Rumors.
    (Quote from Faifaifan)

    I wonder why you keep dragging me in your conversations.

    If you are saying I am the reason you left, that actually makes me happy

    You made my day. Say Hi to Toof from me

    I will miss you guys
  • openminds85_COM

    Replied to the thread LK lost arties dual room.
    (Quote from sarcy)

    I Will Ultra-Like this post Because it was really fun and it was a great experience dealing with all of the seals.

    P.S the real reason is because you did all the work during our shift. (seal hug)

    (Quote from wishmaster3)

  • openminds85_COM

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    the baby seal account was my bestest dualling experience ever

    even though sometimes we were tripping over each other
    and while we worked at cross purposes sometimes
    No one seemed to take it badly when things did go wrong - I don't know how many times…