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  • each of my ops at arti was not so simple that's why Deux ex machina is just another so to say "great player" to deny my playing , FYI yoshi was faked every time he had ST and after getting tired of moving it i was there with real , as for WWW he was faked at SB at his cap at the same time so are the other arties but it was his mistake not to take me serious enough, at your arti i knew you had some standings and just a bit over 2 hours wouldn't be enough to get your self enough def after my fakes draw most of ally def it was my op against only NB ally and it was difficult for any DC to make clear judgement, and after that LB at Deux ex machina was my sweetest cause i even put on archon boots but horn too and faked everywhere with rams it was morning for building plans so perfect time to make him fool. as for insomnia i knew everything you had will be at El Diablo's cap and BP villa cause my OC team isn't that good as i am cause i was not in this team before came here later after first owner of account. so my OC team made op but in my opinion it was suicide mission for most of our op hammers anyway i knew nothing will be at UD so i can use my so to say remains of hammer to get another arti.
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  • it was planed op you saw i was going at 9 more targets at the same time :)
  • Nice hit to take small boots :D

    I thought I had just enough to catch your hammer so I deffed instead of moving it
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    Miley Cyrus
  • Hi, Moondance here