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  • 60 accounts total. No need to have wings. The wings can't win any prizes in this server so why would anyone allow themselves to be in a wing?
    Meeseeks was the name of the alliance.
    • Found you
      But as the server's going usually longer than few weeks, the original alliances are easily forgotten if they don't stick around. Besides, I see that most of your original members have left to balcans and ghetto.... Those are also the teams which are playing the finals.

      Regarding the victory. You do realize that the victory means WW to 100, not 10 players in top raiders. It means that your ww should have at least 60m deff inside to be able to compete with other teams. Everything is possible, but i seriously doubt that each of your players will have per 1m of deff units when the time comes. The finals have never been won by a single alliance. It is always a race between large coalitions. And not even all coalitions are capable to keep up.
    • They all left because the new leadership sucked. xD I think I only had 1 member leave in the full 3 months I ran it and that was simply because one of their friends was playing and made an alliance.
      Large coalitions, huh? That seems so crazy to me. Why would people do that when they receive no glory?
    • You will see why :D Just a piece of advice... forget everything you knew about usual travian once you go to the finals. it will do you better to learn the hard way rather than an attempt to implement your idealistic view into the finals reality...