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  • Hit me up on discord. TG/Wonka#6787
  • I, for one, do not want to be in your path, so, I prefer to be on your side. Is there a way we can become allied? As I read your exchanges, it becomes clear, people fear you, and their only defense is an attack of character. Having learned from my past mistakes, I prefer to use a different approach. I understand STD has it's walls up to outsiders, but perhaps there is another way we can be allied?
    • i have to say that was almost very poetic. haha SPY but wonka will just say im paranoid again
    • A spy for who? I have a two person alliance, hardly at a level where we need a spy or could even use such a tactic without getting ourselves zeroed.
  • Hey. I'm new to the game.

    Your Alliance, STD, is one of the first I encountered. Hell, I even considered joining. But then I got your alliance message of "don't bother...." and decided you guys weren't interested in being cordial or even friendly. If this was an incorrect assessment, then I extend my apologies,

    I've played games similar to this in the past, but none where you were "autoraided" 80 times at a shot. It was both alarming and frustrating. So, yes. My thread which I didn't think you'd ever read, was a bit aggro. This game is, it seems, vastly different from Evony Age II (of which I was a decent player of).

    In just 24 hours I lost all my troops and my hero was dead and could not be revived because I horribly mismanaged resources and crannies.

    Yeah, you can squash me, but I'm not easily deterred and I'll start over again, wiser. I'd rather repair the damage I've done realizing this is a war game (I'm seeking merchant status, not war lord).

    I hope reaching out helps the situation, and if I can, I will delete the thread as an act of good faith.

    Lord Marr
    • When it comes to recruiting there are several types of strategy. Some leaders will bring in everyone under the moon and hope to have enough bodies to be a force. Some will only bring in "elite" players and have far less bodies, but quality over quantity. Some will do a mix of both. and so on.

      I'm not really sure when you started this server, but at 130 pop and seeing as though you had the urge to start a forum thread cause I was raiding you, makes me believe you started the account recently and do have a passion to play, or learn the game more.

      You should honestly consider starting a new server as the server begins and not toward the middle. People right now have armies of upwards of 100,000 crop consumption of units. The game is designed around resource, so when players with armies see 130 pop villages we don't sit here and go "oh this guy is active, and trying hard to better his account". We see "half way through the server and this guy is 130 pop, its a farm" and raid. we get a few resources here or there and after that we don't think twice about it. Hence why I said in your thread we didn't even know you existed. A quick click and you are on our farm list, 130 pop is actually lower than many of my farms which is why I was sending the 1 horse to raid. I send the list every 10 minutes or so, and we have 4 people on our account to cover the account 24 hours every day doing the same thing. it can be overwhelming in your situation, which is why I suggest starting a server when the server first begins, that way you are not drastically behind and having to worry about this disadvantage.

      There was nothing personal whatsoever. And with your location, if you had even 2 or 3 or 4 villages at this time of server, myself nor probably anyone else in my alliance would of attacked you. You aren't completely surrounded by us or anything. There might of been some scuffles here or there, but definitely not a situation where you wouldn't be able to build the account up.
    • I appreciate both your candor and your graciousness considering I'm an ass.
    • Also: I just clicked on the recommended server which was ANGLO4. And you're right, it wasn't even the newest one, but I had no idea.
  • Don’t fabricate imaginary hammers with no proof. Thanks.
    • travian.kirilloid.ru/report.ph…6cpmaRofCEdgAGBIYaMAQKGUW

      Feel free to quit your bsing any time you want about having top ham ever on anglosphere. This wasn't even a top ham, if you want I'll dig up more reports for ya though
    • Dude you just compared a speed to a snail. Get out of here. You can’t compare the two. Speed is 3x easier to feed an army of that size. Unbelievable coming from somebody who has been around as long as you.
    • The potential is the exact same regardless of what speed the server is. Roothlus would of torn apart your hammer sizes on all of the snails he played, but sadly I dont know if he even played snails since the us uk au merge to anglosphere.
    • Lol you do understand the size of my hammer was limited by the size of the server? And no the potential is not the same. You get 3x the amount of resource potential to train with. The times may equate but the resources do not. You can run greats far longer.
    • I’ll be looking for this Roothlus hammer somewhere
  • Hi Wonka...
    Are you the same as the old leafer of IDTS on usx?
    If so lat i talked with you i think your dad was sick?
    I was aussie nigjt dual with jackie, brian, and lolek
    • Hey Paul, I remember you clearly! Yes same Wonka from IDTS! How've you been?
    • Good mate working on a solarfarm with 480k panels. Good job after being an electrician in the army for 26 years
    • If you need some dual coverage hit me up. Im flying travian free atm.
    • Wow that sounds like a lot of work! Hit me up on discord. TG/Wonka#6787
  • Hi man, weird question, what's your ign in anglo x?
  • Yo