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  • Aqua of Cows still remembers you
  • for the last time, i love you
  • for the last time, i love you
  • Hi man, it's important to remember you that i love you
  • I hope you didn't forget our love
    • It remains as strong as as my morning..... coffee!
  • Hi man
    Do you remember that i love you?
    • You don't let me forget it man (hearteyes)
  • hi man, love you
    • I love you more, random stranger!
  • i love you
  • Hey Fahad, would love to play a server with you guys. Im planning to do an account which is solo at this point. But id love to join in aswell.

    Airknight_sg <- Skype
    • you can spawn in North East next server 1 :P I'm myself not sure if i'm going to play though, so it's better if you talk to mazzi on skype
    • I meant ts29 noob , ts1 its fine come back as a deff acct.. Travian is not stressful except you end up taking responsibility and making a big acct your fault :P
    • oh lol
      ts29 was meant as a joke though :P but it seems that it might be getting serious - i will still not play there since we can't decide on building spots :D We have multiple OCD players on team besides me lol
    • Haha, ok. Spawning on NE with rameez then